Display desktop icons of removable media on insertion, with Desk Drive

There is this really annoying problem.  When we connect a removable media to your Windows laptop, it may open its contents in Explorer. But if you have set it to do nothing, them we have to open Explorer and then click on the drive. Wouldnt it be great if there was a desktop icon for it, so that we could access it as and when easily? Desk Drive solves this problem.

Desk Drive

Add a desktop icon for the inserted removable media


You pop a USB thumb drive or DVD into your computer and then you have to open Window’s Explorer and find the mapped drive or folder!

But after you have installed Desk Drive, it adds a desktop icon pointing to the drive automatically.

Once you have downloaded and installed it, run it. You will find that Desk Drive sits quietly in the system tray.

Its configuration is just a click away and allows you to specify which types of media to monitor.

Insert the media, and the icon appears.

Remove the media and the shortcut goes away.

It is so simple to use~

Desk Drive free download

If you think you may have use for such a free tool, go get it from its home page

Desktop Media is another freeware that automatically adds and removes shortcut to USB drive on Desktop. More freeware to create desktop shortcuts to removable media here.

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  1. Amazing !!! 2014 almost 2015 comes a tool (for PC) to do what every other OS (even Amiga) have from the start… (lol’ish)

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