How to enable or disable Drag and Drop in Windows 10


  1. Hi Anand, any idea if it is possible to change that to get to D&D you need double click and hold instead of just one click and hold? A lot of times by using my tablet on W764b I move/D&D folders by mistake and I´d like to set that I must double click and hold to get to drag&drop.
    Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

  2. Hi, Anand, I wrote a couple of utilities to adjust these settings using the appropriate Windows APIs, so that it’s not necessary to hack around in the registry.

    There is a command-line version:

    and also a graphical UI version:

    Either one will let you adjust the number of pixels that something must be moved with the mouse before Windows begins a drag operation.

  3. Hi Annand, do you know if it’s possible to enable a confirmation prompt when user drag & drop a file or folder, just like when a delete operation is executed? If not, is there a trigger that I can watch out for when a file or folder is moved? I’m thinking of writing a simple script to intercept the operation when it triggers but I do not know where to look for the trigger.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  4. I am having trouble with files not moving when I drag and drop them into a location from the desktop to a folder elsewhere. Any idea how to problem solve this?

  5. Whao! Guys .. jumping straight into the Reg here with a clear PICNIC issue – steady on now chaps! 🙂 In all seriousness there do seem to be a lot of people having DnD “issues” and so maybe its time you MS guys and dolls had a GUI for this (?) as an Accessibility feature with a little “Test” area so that the User can tailor it t their own needs.

  6. I did this then users were complaining they couldn’t move windows between monitors and couldn’t select text in documents.

  7. A couple of questions:- Is the XY distance computed on click-release or as the max value between click and release? If it’s the former then increasing the value would limit the ability to move to an adjacent folder; if it’s the latter then one could wiggle the mouse around before releasing.

    – Does this setting affect shift + drag to move? I much prefer to disable drag & drop and use the explicit [shift|ctrl] + click-drag-release for moving|copying.

  8. After trying this for a few weeks I had to revert back. To answer my own question the XY distance is the max between click down and up so it’s possible to drag-drop to adjacent folders by making a loop of at least the minimum required size.

    In practice the setting was too annoying for me. The behavior wasn’t limited to Windows Explorer, it affects other programs as well but it’s inconsistent. For example, Windows Explorer and Visual Studio are affected but Firefox and the command console (cmd) are not. It’s infuriating when trying to select a short text to have to drag the mouse extend at least a minimum amount for the selection to engage. I’m still looking for a solution to disable drag & drop and just that.

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