Configure Drag and Drop sensitivity; Prevent accidental Move in Windows

Sometimes we lose files when we accidentally and unknowingly drag them into another folder. On knowing that the files have been misplaced and transferred to an unknown location we begin with the search operation, but at times fail to find them. What do we do then? Nothing really, apart from wondering how and where they must have gone. This typically happens when we accidentally dragged and dropped the file or folder.

When you drag and drop files or folders from one location to another, on your Windows computer, they get copied – and sometimes they get moved. Have you noticed this? This post will explain the Drag and Drop in Windows. To prevent the accidental ‘Moves’ from happening, some of you may completely disable drag and drop or change its sensitivity by tweaking the Windows Registry.

But there is an easier way out. Rather than touching the Registry, you could use this freeware Dragsens to tweak the drag-and-drop threshold easily. Another freeware DragDropInterceptor will add a confirmation dialog box before the frag and drop operation is carried out. Let us check them out.

Change Drag and Drop sensitivity with Dragsens

Change Drag and Drop sensitivity with Dragsens

To change the Windows mouse drag and drop sensitivity or threshold quickly, you can use this utility called Dragsens or Adjust Drag Sensitivity. It’s a small command-line utility that permits users to change the number of pixels the mouse has to travel before a drag operation is initiated. There is now a version of this utility available with a graphical interface that’s easier to use. You can read more about it and download it here.

All a user has to do is download and unzip the utility, then run it after entering the number of pixels required for the mouse to travel. Remember to note down the default values first, though!

Add Confirmation dialog box for Drag & Drop operation with DragDropInterceptor

Another utility that comes across as a useful one is DragDropInterceptor. The application helps you confirm the Drag and Drop action before the files are moved to some other folder. Confirming the action beforehand, helps eliminate the accidental drag and drop by users almost completely. For instance, the simple shell extension displays a message and seeks your permission before moving files and folders to a different location.

Add Confirmation dialog box for Drag & Drop operation with DragDropInterceptor

It, then lists 5 options and asks you to choose any one amongst them. The options it presents are,

  1. Don’t Move
  2. Copy Here
  3. Move Here
  4. Create Shortcuts Here
  5. Cancel


In short, it prevents accidental drag and drop move event, but allows to proceed with confirmation. If this looks interesting, you can download it from its home page.

Hope you find this tip useful!

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