Configure Drag and Drop sensitivity; Prevent accidental Move in Windows


  1. Another great find, tested and very useful. I for one, am guilty of accidentally moving folders around while im bashing explorer at 100mp/h. Later on to only waste time looking for them to relocate them again. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the link to WinDragSens. You make a good point about the default values. I’ll see if I can add a button to the tool to restore the defaults.

  3. I use another tool that just installs on the server itself instead of all the clients – blocks folder moves from the network and allows you to only include specific folders. Also you can exclude groups like “domain admins” – works like a charm – named Directory Defender by Blue Shoe Software – google it. 🙂

  4. It’s surely a false positive – notice that the ones that detect it as malware all claim to detect different viruses and are mainly the less commonly used AVtools. I’m a software developer myself and last year I had several false positives for my most popular program, each time it took a few days for the AV writers to update their virus definitions to correct this. So is very common that this happens and as author there is nothing much you can do except report it as a false positive and wait for the next update, a few days later.

    Anyway latest version is green across the board:
    available from
    It’s also open source and you can download the source code – presumably even compile it yourself if you install the right tools.

  5. This is a Godsend!
    It’s unfortunate the drag doesn’t include dragging on text or window resizes & other stuff: just icons and something involving Windows Explorer…

    Also unfortunate there’s nothing really equivalent to WinXP’s TweakUI for Win7 & up, so we have this little gem to do its thing. >w<

  6. …? I could’ve sworn I’ve already replied to this…

    Anyway, I’ve known of UWT even before. However, it’s still not as powerful for Win7&up as TweakUI was for WinXP, is what I’m trying to point.

  7. Neither fix helps. I’m using a cheap tablet with an HID keyboard and mouse. I keep accidentally dragging text, links and tabs in Chrome. I can’t find any settings that specifically turn off dragging in Chrome.

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