Difference between Eclipse and Netbeans


  1. I don’t agree with the author of this post. You are comparing two older versions of same application (As per Image in this post). First have a look on NetBeans 7.0 and Eclipse 3.7 and then decide and NetBeans is always better than anyone, so please do no try to dominate Sun microsystems over IBM as you always do by dominating Google over Windows!

  2. I agree with the author, Eclipse is the Best IDE, I have ever seen, As the author said it is simple and easy to use and it is light-weight. But Netbeans take a longer time to load and It’s very heavy. The UI of Eclipse is a Beautiful UI.

  3. The problem I have with Eclipse is getting it installed properly on Linux (Fedora 16), netbeans 7.1 installs just fine and the plugins are easy to install. The Eclipse plugin installation system always ends up with dependency failures for me:

    “Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
    Software being installed: Spring IDE Core (required) (org.springframework.ide.eclipse.feature.feature.g roup
    Missing requirement: Spring IDE Core (required) (org.springframework.ide.eclipse.feature.feature.g roup requires ‘org.eclipse.wst.xml_ui.feature.feature.group 0.0.0’ but it could not be found”

    Which is what I get when I try to install the Spring plugins from springide.org/updatesite

  4. I’ve been forced into using netbeans so as a result I’m visiting articles like this one and in my mind there is no comparison, Eclipse is miles better than Netbeans. I don’t give a crap about startup time, platform support, bugginess etc because given time both products are supported by communities that resolve these issues, so for me here are some of the real reasons eclipse is the best:

    1. Navigate to the next source tab. So you have a bunch of source files open and you can’t use the keyboard to switch between them in netbeans wtf? In eclipse you can just use ctrl-up/down or ctrl-e.

    2. Move the cursor a whole method at a time. Easy to do in eclipse, but why the hell would this be missing in netbeans in 2012? Do I really want to laboriously scroll up and aim the mouse a the target method? Don’t tell me to bring up the stupid (modal!!!) Members dialog box, or even the Navigator view – the source code is king, both eclipse and the (perhaps more awesome) intellij get this right.

    3. Select a java statement. Jesus another pita, in Netbeans I have to aim the mouse to find the start and end of my statement block. In eclipse dead simple, I can select the current statement, it’s parent statement then all the way the the entire class. Awesome for cutting and pasting.

    4. Insert new line above. Netbeans has an insert new line below, so why didn’t it finish the job and include that one as well?

    5. Ok, so where is “display call hierarchy”? In eclipse you put your cursor on a method and hit something like ctrl-alt-H and there it is. Do Netbeans users just not bother with this?

    5. Less vibrant plugin community. So in Netbeans I failed to find the very first plugin I looked for, a byte code viewer. It was easy in Eclipse, just went to the marketplace and typed in the keyword. Job done. A quick investigation showed that there are far more plugins available for Eclipse. Am I wrong??

    6. Anything in Netbeans favor? Well, adding a semicolon to the end of the line is pretty good. I’ve heard that auto generated ant files is an advantage but let me tell you this: DON’T RELY ON LAME IDE GENERATED BUILD CODE. You wouldn’t do this for java source, so don’t do it for equally important build scripts. Come up with your own domain specific build, oh and stay away from Maven while you are at it.

    7. Another thing in Netbeans favor, no Perspectives so it is potentially less confusing for the new user. However in Eclipse you can totally ignore this feature anyway.

    Yes as you can see I use the keyboard a lot and find it difficult to understand the mentality of somebody who stops typing, reaches for the mouse and painstakingly aims the mouse at a source file to edit a different class.

    The crying shame is that these unforgivable omissions seem easy to fix. Netbeans fans, please change my mind about this by telling me about the missing shortcuts, or that there is a more efficient workflow I should be using!

  5. From the “important” things that make you choose Eclipse it sounds like you should be developing in VIM instead of either Eclipse or Netbeans

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