Difference between 64-bit and 32-bit Windows – Advantages and Benefits


  1. Hmmm. I’d better explain that to the old 32-bit driver for the old network card I’m currently using.

  2. thanks for informative article. My processor is 64 bit with 2gb ram, and I was using 64bit windows 8.1. but 64 bit version was not good in performance(maybe due to low ram), now I am using 32bit and its performance is much better then 64 bit. So 64bit is suitable only if ram is upto 4gb, even if your processor is 64 bit you should consider to use 32bit.

  3. Yes, 64bit can be a lot faster if you have huge ram (upto 4gb), but if ram is low 32bit perform well then 64bit.

  4. Can you help in choosing between lenovo Miix 3 (which is 32bit windows 8 and has ram of 2 GB) and HP Stream 11 (64 bit windows 8 and has 2 gb ram). We cant add more than in either of them. So in that case which one will one to choose)

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