Ctrl+Alt+Del not working in Windows 10

Ctrl+Alt+Del is a popular key sequence that we all hinge on either to escape from an issue or end a function or simply get away with the irksome programs. Ctrl+Alt+Del is the keyboard sequence when pressed sends a command to CPU to open window with a menu to access tasks like signing out, locking the system, switching the users, opening a task manager or even shutting down the system. That is, each time your system freezes or is wrecked due to a varied cause; you have to give it the three-finger salute, Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot the entire system.

Ctrl+Alt+Del not working

Ctrl+Alt+Del not working


In scenarios where programs crash, generally Windows users simply open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.In the Task Manager, the users are allowed to repair, make a change, test, end the process and start the program all over again. But sometimes you may encounter this weird problem of the key sequence Ctrl+Alt+Del not working on your system. The problem usually occurs if you have updated the system with unofficial firmware or have installed some third party apps. What actually happens when you install a third-party app is that it makes changes to the Registry and modify the default values. In this case, it is required to identify the problematic application and uninstall them.

In this article, we discuss some solutions to fix this problem. But before trying out our solution clean up the keyboard keys physically and check if you have any missed Windows Updates as many a time installing the latest updates could solve the problem. Also, make sure that your system is not infected with malware and it is highly recommended to scan your PC for malware before using any computers.

Run System Restore

In order to restore windows settings back to the original, run the system restore and check if this resolves the problem.

Check if it is a hardware problem

Make sure that you are not using a defective keyboard, and if so, you have to replace keyboards with a different one and check if the problem persists. Or then maybe you could try this keyboard on another computer system.

Reset the Keyboard

Some software can change the default settings of the keyboard and result in the malfunctioning of the computer keys. Resetting the keyboard to the default settings may help in fixing the problem with Ctrl +Alt+Del sequence.

Perform a Clean Boot

Placing the computer in Clean Boot State assists in identifying which startup programs or third party application is causing the problem. Once you have found the application that is causing the problem through clean boot either you can simply keep it disabled or you can just remove it completely from the system.

Hope something here helps you!

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  1. The Contentious Otter

    Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn’t work in Windows 10 -at all- after the April 2018 “Creators Update”. So far all that update is good for creating is a huge pain in my ***. This is a perfect example of why I don’t touch a Windows machine unless I’m at work or being paid by a private client, and I switched to Linux years ago for all personal use.

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