Create & Run any task with administrative privileges in Windows

We have read a little about the Run dialog box and the new Run commands in Windows. Now most of us are aware that to open the Run dialog box, you can press WinKey+R. You can also type Run in the search box to access it. In Windows 10/8 and Windows RT, you can also open the Run dialog box using the WinX Menu.


Create this task with administrative privileges

When you Run some tasks, you may see the UAC shield on the Run dialog box, with a message that This task will be created with administrative privileges. This is because, when Windows executes certain tasks, they need to be created with administrative privileges. Windows realizes this and acts accordingly. But what if you decide that you need to create a task with administrative privileges?

In this post we will see how to open an “elevated” Run box which will let you Run any task with administrative privileges in Windows 10/8.

To do so, right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager to open it. If your Task Manager is set to show fewer details, click on More details. Now in the Menu bar, select File > Run new task.

Create & Run task with administrative privileges


This will open a Run dialog box which shows you an additional option which will allow you to Create this task with administrative privileges.


You can type the task and check this option to run the task as an administrator.

BONUS TIP: If you hold the CTRL key and click New Task from Task Manager, it directly opens an elevated command prompt. Do you know WHY?

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