Use Cortana to Restart, Log Off, Hibernate, Shutdown, Sleep, Lock Windows 10 computer


  1. Just a question – What can you do with Cortana, when shutting down, there is a program that will not close? Is there a command to help with that issue? I know with Windows 7 Pro, this happens frequently. It doesn’t take long for the program to end, but, on occasion I have had to use Task Manager, to end the offender. Thanks Andy. 🙂

  2. What about sleep? It’s the most important, and the help for shutdown.exe doesn’t cover how to do sleep.

  3. I wish this actually worked on the latest insider version. I’m on build 14383 (soon to be 14385) and it doesn’t work. Cortana just searches for “Open Hibernate” or “Open Lock” instead of the shortcut.

  4. How can I use cortana to unlock my computer? I want to use Cortana as a biometric lock so that my computer unlocks only with my voice command

  5. I followed all the steps, but this did not work for my Windows 10 Pro x64. Version 17.03. Build 15063.296.
    Cortana simply opens Bing and tries to find ‘Open shutdown.’ I tried a couple times and used the correct path, and I manually typed in the code and even copy-pasted it, and the solution did not work.

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