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Whenever someone opens a website, the server of that website transmits an Internet Cookie to the visitor’s browser. The browser accumulates all the Cookies and send it back to the web server of that website every time, whenever that person opens the website. This process helps the website to know more about visitor and preserve the users preferences.

There are several types of Cookies. Most of us are aware how to manage Cookies in each browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. But if you are looking for a free software that will let you manage Cookies of al your browsers from one interface, then you want to have a look at CookieSpy.

CookieSpy review


CookieSpy is a free software which supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla SeaMonkey, Apple Safari, Opera Mini, Pale Moon, Comodo Dragon, Yandex, Maxthon and Maxthon Nitro web browsers.

Manage Cookies of all browsers

The user interface of this freeware looks uncluttered. It is therefore very easy to understand all the options. You can see all the installed  browsers in the top menu bar. By default, it shows only those browsers, what you have installed using installers. If you have any portable web browser on your Windows PC, you can add them too. Portable version of Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Pale Moon, Comodo Dragon and Maxthon3 only are supported.

You can find all the cookies stored in any web browser with the domain name, path, value, expiry date and check whether it is secure or not.

Cokie Info using CookiesSpy

If you want to delete any particular cookie, just right click on that Cookie and select Delete. Alternatively, just select any cookie and hit the Delete button. The Delete All button does, what it says.

Now, here is a trick. Let’s assume that you want to delete all, except five or four cookies. At such times, instead of removing one by one, you can simply right click on those four or five cookies, select Protect and then use the Delete All option.

Protect Cookies

This Protect menu will protect those Cookies from being deleted.

You can get more details about it and download it from its home page. The home page offers two download links – TechSpot and CNET. You might be safer downloading it from TechSpot.

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