Most commonly used email addresses and service providers


  1. “Microsoft products like Word, Sheets, Power Points” Sheets?!? LOL “Microsoft Sheets”???

  2. hello
    i have problem with my external hdd 3tb , when i plug it on pc there nothing! just on disk-management it show me ucallocated 730gb! with black mark?

  3. here is my opinion.

    GMAIL scans to serve “context based” ads, and if that bothers you, then you need something else. NB. the Google lineup is on a single account, so if you use Google+, Youtube login, Android (PLAY) Store or any other Google property, you probably already have a GMAIL account.

    The “big dogs” are GMAIL, Live/Hotmail/, Yahoo mail (wouldn’t recommend, as the response to leaks / compromise has been very weak),

    now im using BulletMail its a brand new site. its clean and easy to find what you looking for. you will have 1GB space for your mail witch is far enough to a regular user. the registratio is quick and easy. when im registering somewhere
    in most cases i need to check my emails for activation link. on the other services some times its takes a DAY to get it. here i get it IMMEDIATELY!and the most important, they use HTTPS for maximum security.

    if you want to check it out. here is the link.


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  5. Yahoo is the LEAST secure email system out there, as they are the only large email provider to allow NSA to read all incoming and outgoing email in real time. This was well publicised in late 2016. Also, unlike Google’s and Microsoft’s offerings, Yahoo/AOL (which are the same company) are not recognised by EU as compliant with data protection laws, so it is not legal for European businesses to use either to store personal data.

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