Most commonly used email addresses and service providers

In spite of present day Social Networking Buzz, Email has its top place in the field of communication. Whether it is for a business proposal or a job application, everything is done through emails. I do accept that there are other services like LinkedIn for professionals to communicate, but nothing replaces sending and receiving emails. Let us check out some of the most popular, commonly used email addresses and free service providers.

Most commonly used free Email addresses

In this article, I will let you know most commonly used email services for personal and professional use. Are you looking for email service which will give you free storage, productive web interface, free from spam and moreover which can be accessed from any device? Then, here is the list of such email services you are looking for.

1. is the free webmail service from Microsoft. It offers the free space of 15 GB cloud storage in OneDrive and can buy more storage if you want. It supports both social media integration, and it can be customizable. It is being used by many companies and organizations and creating rules for emails is made easy using Outlook. It looks cool with its features and will be integrated perfectly with smart devices and desktops. Early users of this service, may also have and aliases from this service. In my opinion – probably the best!

Most commonly used free Email addresses & Services

2. Gmail

Google started reaching the public with its free email service Gmail. It is being updated with lab features. It provides you the 15 GB of free space and can integrate it with other Google applications. As Google is one of the best search engines, Gmail also lets users search emails quickly and easily. It supports IMAP and POP 3 along with video chat. It also allows users to save attachments received in the mail, to its free cloud storage Google Drive.

gmail free email services

3. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is well known for its spam filtering and protecting you from suspicious emails. Instant Yahoo Messenger allows you to stay in connected with other Yahoo users. It is easy to create notes and calendar appointment, and one additional feature is that you can know the weather forecast before attending the event. Unlike Google, it does not offer you the lab feature. Yahoo Mail is said to be one of the best email services in terms of security and privacy as it scans each and every incoming and outgoing email. It comes with 1TB of storage, as it’s now linked to Flickr.

Yahoo free email service


Though does not offer you the instant messenger, it is listed in the preferred free email services as this web-based email service offers you the best spam filtering features. Once you sign in, you will be given 5 GB Webmail account and 30 GB of Online Storage, and you can send mail of size 20 MB. This is one of the biggest advantages of It supports POP access and does not support IMAP access. You can create a white list with the list of email address from whom you want to receive emails and blocking others.

Inbox free email service

5. iCloud

iCloud free email service is from Apple and is well known for sending large files. You can send up to files of large size and recipients can download it easily. It supports IMAP access and provides filters and sort to emails. It provides 5 GB internal storage, and it is easy to set up iCloud Mail on Outlook and other Apple devices. iCloud Mail does not show any advertisements. You can also download iCloud for Windows.

6. mostly concentrates on filtering the spam and keeping you safe from malware attacks. It allows you to send large files of size up to 50 MB, and it is the most preferred email service because of this reason. It is very easy to create filters and route emails to particular folders directly. One of the most attractive features of is, you can set the specific time to delete emails automatically along with spam and trash folders. It allows you to select from the various available domain names like,, and much more.

Mail free email service

7. AOL Mail

AOL Mail free email service is from AOL. It supports both IMAP and POP access. Though it lacks in labels, it is easy to use with an easily understandable interface and offers high spam protection. It offers you the unlimited storage, and you can block images and restrict downloads. You can drag and drop emails to your customized folders.

8. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail supports both IMAP and POP access. It is integrated with instant messaging, and it also offers online office suites. It supports both labels and searches for emails. Like Gmail, you could not use the canned response. It can be integrated with Google Docs and Zoho apps. It archives old emails automatically.

9. Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail has a lot to offer regarding email storage, convenient UI, and efficient spam protection by Yandex proprietary technologies.

10. Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Mail service from Microsoft allows you to use all Microsoft products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more as a package. It also provides subscription license for Lync, SharePoint, and other services. Free storage and access to other services are based on the subscription you choose as the annual contract. It is not free, but I have included it here.

11. Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business is the cloud-based email service started by Google, which will be applicable for an entire organization. You can access all Google applications like Google Drive, Google Calendar, and everything. There is an admin console which has control over all accounts. It is mainly composed on Storage, Create, Manage, and Communicate. Every version of Google Apps has a different cost. Google Apps for education is for free of cost. Here you will have an email address like This too is not free, but I have included it here.

12. ProtonMail

ProtonMail offers great security features like End-to-End encryption and Anonymous accounts.

UPDATE: AOL Service is no longer available.

These were some of the popular email service providers for personal, professional and business purpose. If you have any more to add, please do share with us through comments.

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  1. Ray Wall

    “Microsoft products like Word, Sheets, Power Points” Sheets?!? LOL “Microsoft Sheets”???

  2. Inexcusable errors. Sorry about that. Correcting. Actually before leaving for my vacation, I had written and scheduled a bunch of posts.

  3. No problem Anand! It happens. I hope you have a great vacation.

  4. kill la kill

    i have problem with my external hdd 3tb , when i plug it on pc there nothing! just on disk-management it show me ucallocated 730gb! with black mark?

  5. Luke

    … Hotmail was bought by Microsoft in the 90s so it basically is the same thing as Outlook..

  6. Cai Xinxin

    Where is QQ? with 200m users?

  7. Kronikas DaReal (Kr)

    here is my opinion.

    GMAIL scans to serve “context based” ads, and if that bothers you, then you need something else. NB. the Google lineup is on a single account, so if you use Google+, Youtube login, Android (PLAY) Store or any other Google property, you probably already have a GMAIL account.

    The “big dogs” are GMAIL, Live/Hotmail/, Yahoo mail (wouldn’t recommend, as the response to leaks / compromise has been very weak),

    now im using BulletMail its a brand new site. its clean and easy to find what you looking for. you will have 1GB space for your mail witch is far enough to a regular user. the registratio is quick and easy. when im registering somewhere
    in most cases i need to check my emails for activation link. on the other services some times its takes a DAY to get it. here i get it IMMEDIATELY!and the most important, they use HTTPS for maximum security.

    if you want to check it out. here is the link.

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  10. kashmiri

    Yahoo is the LEAST secure email system out there, as they are the only large email provider to allow NSA to read all incoming and outgoing email in real time. This was well publicised in late 2016. Also, unlike Google’s and Microsoft’s offerings, Yahoo/AOL (which are the same company) are not recognised by EU as compliant with data protection laws, so it is not legal for European businesses to use either to store personal data.

  11. jason roy

    try instantbulksmtp best email marketing service provider.

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