Rainbow Folders: Color your Windows folders for easy identification

Many a times you just need to identify a particular folder regularly and urgently. How often has it happened that you find your eyes running over all the folder names and yet not being able to find that particular one!?

Well to distinguish your oft-used folder, you can always customize it and give it a special icon as follows:

Right click on folder > Properties > Customize > Change Icon.

Rainbow Folders

Rainbow Folders will let you give your folders a different color.

color folders

Rainbow Folders is a nice program that allows you to change the color of folders right from the context menu.

This is a versatile program and can be used in so many ways. For example you might denote all of your work folders with a red color to visually differentiate them from other folders.

In short, with this program you can colorize your foldersĀ  and speed up your navigation among the hundreds of folders located on your hard drive.

Rather than offer you a limited number of colors, it lets you use a hue to make an unlimited number of shades.

Works fine on Windows Vista & Windows 7 too!

Download page: Softpedia.

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  1. Francisco Cordero

    Me parece formidable esta erramienta. Gracias. fc


    thanx so much …



  4. Inception8

    Great idea.

    Although in Windows 7 when you try and change your (View) icons to Extra Large, Large, Medium or tiles it’s not going to work. If you select Small Icons, List, Details, and Content it’s just fine.

    On Windows 7 x64 it seems to take several tries at clicking on the Colorize button before I could get it to change.

  5. rodolfo

    munchas gracias es una muy buena herramienta.

  6. Tee

    Window 10? When??

  7. Tee

    When will it be available on Windows 10?

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