CodeTwo Move and Delete Watchdog: Prevent Accidental Data Loss from Outlook

One of the most annoying things in Microsoft Outlook is its scroll bar. How often has it happened that you accidentally deleted an essential folder or changed its original location? For instance, you want to scroll down the navigation pane but somehow you miss the scroll bar and unknowingly grab one Outlook folder and move it to the other folder.


A similar case may be encountered when deleting a file from folder. Here, you might delete an entire folder accidentally. You think you are removing a non-essential file (Outlook recognizes it as a folder) and hit the ‘Delete’ button. When asked to confirm the action, you do not bother to read it and simply click ‘Yes’. Shortly thereafter, you end up losing valuable information.

If you want to avoid such situations, look no further: try Code Two Move and Delete Watchdog.

Code Two Move and Delete Watchdog is a free tool and an Outlook add-in that prevents you from moving or deleting Outlook folders by accident. The program avoids confusion with finding folders whose locations have been changed accidentally and protects important Outlook data from being lost at the same time.

How to use CodeTwo Move and Delete Watchdog

  • The program is quick to install. All the user need to do is download the installer from the developer’s website and run it on his computer, equipped with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Once done, CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog will automatically integrate with user’s Outlook.
  • Now, when you will attempt to drag-n-drop a folder onto a different folder or move it to a different location you will be prompted to confirm the action. A warning dialog will appear on the user’s computer screen prompting him to either ‘Cancel’ or ‘confirm’ the action. Check out the screen-shot below.

  • If you want to delete a folder, you will get a double warning; first from Outlook which you can ignore and second from the watchdog itself. This will ensure safety of your files and folders.

CodeTwo Move and Delete Watchdog Key features

  • The program warns you about actions that might be harmful to your Outlook folder structure – it prevents from unintentional drag-and-drop and removal actions.
  • User-friendly and quick installation – installation is a piece of cake.
  • No configuration needed – there is no need to configure the program – you can start using it right away. If a need arises, you can adjust the app to your requirements.

CodeTwo Move and Delete Watchdog neither introduces any changes nor modifies Outlook’s interface in any way  (except for a small dog’s silhouette added to its ribbon) and being an Outlook add-in it resides in Outlook only.

To download the program visit

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