Check Hard Drive for bad sectors with Hard Disk Validator

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  1. Charles LaMonte

    Greetings, I tried downloading the referenced software. First I had to buy and download Win Zip .Is that what is to happen ?

  2. Now, I didn’t have any issues with downloading Hard Disk Validator from TalAloni. I do have 7Zip for unzipping any zip files that I download or get. I did not see anything about having to buy WinZip or anything about WinZip when I downloaded the files. I tried both places to access this program, BitHub and the alternate site. For me, it was simple and straight forward, download the files and start using Hard Disk Validator.

    Right now, I am using Hard Disk Validator. I find it to be quick and straight forward. It will take some time to check all of my sectors, since I do have a 2TB Hard Drive. This is a new Hard Drive, but I have learned to always check out things. I once had a brand new Hard Drive that completely died within 3 months of purchase. This was not an off brand either, it was a Western Digital which is my preferred brand. In my 20 years of computing that is the only Hard Drive to die that quickly. Western Digital was great about replacing it, at no charge, too. This new drive is replacing another Western Digital that gave me 10 years and about 3 months of service before it just gave up the ghost.

    Through the years, I have learned that when a Hard Drive starts getting Bad Sectors, you had better start looking for a new Hard Drive. Bad Sectors is one sign of a soon to die Hard Drive. You can use a Hard Drive with Bad Sectors for awhile, but it is best to simply get a new one. In other words, start saving all of your important files to either an External Hard Drive or on DVDs, for your own protection. These words come from someone who had to learn the hard way…Me.

  3. This is the download link – given above. You don’t have to buy WinZip. To extract the contents, you could use freeware 7-Zip.

  4. KingWagner


    Thank u so much for the Link

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