How to change your Xbox Gamertag via Xbox app on Windows 10

There are multiple ways via which Xbox users can change their Xbox Gamertag. The feature is not just limited to so the console, even users who do not own a console can change Xbox gamertag without Xbox. The most preferred way to do so is to simply use a web browser on a Windows PC.

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Gamertags, if you are not aware is your alter ego in the Xbox world. It’s made from an alias, optional avatar or picture (called a Gamerpic), and a bit of info to represent you when you’re playing games and sharing with other people in the Xbox community.

Often, we like changing gamertag to suit our mood but what restrains our urge from doing so is the fear of losing our Gamerscore, Achievements, or even Friends list. Not anymore!
If your gamertag was created for you when you initially signed up for Xbox (Not the one selected by you), you can change it one time for free. Additional Xbox gamertag changes cost extra.

Let us see the method of changing the gamertag via Xbox app on Windows 10.

Change Xbox Gamertag

Please note that if you created your own gamertag at signup and want to change it, you will be charged. If you have not changed your gamertag before, you can change it in the Xbox app on Windows 10. Here’s how:

Go to the Xbox app in Windows 10 and sign in using the Microsoft account email address and password associated with your gamertag.

In the upper-left corner of the app’s home screen, find your gamerpic and select it.

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Next, In the banner at the top of the profile screen, chose Customize option.

Change Xbox Gamertag

Thereafter, hit the ‘Change gamertag’ tag.

Xbox App gamer tag3

Enter text for your preferred gamertag, and then select Check availability.

Xbox App gamer tag4

If available and when found, select the desired gamertag and Claim it.

Once done and confirmed, the change will be reflected across Xbox and it will also be visible to your friends. No need to inform them about this.

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