Change Critical Level Battery Action & Low Level Battery Action in Windows 10


  1. This article does not address the problem in that Windows 8 visual warning is hidden beneath the active window and so doesn’t get seen until the computer is woken up

  2. I have these settings already and my laptop still goes to sleep without warning. All of a sudden, black screen with no notice that I should plug it in.

  3. This is totally uselessfor Windows 8!!! Windows 8 Control Panel does not include advanced battery options!!! Like everything in Windows 8, totally user unfriendly and unnavigable unless this is the first version of Windows you have ever used and don’t rely on existing knowledge for anything.

  4. These are Windows 8 screenshots. The path is Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPower OptionsEdit Plan Settings. Please follow the instructions again and you will be able to open Advanced Power Options.

  5. Mine switches itself of when its on battery at 92% full sometimes!! Brand new machine with windows 8.1 on it. Yet another thing to add to the ‘why microsoft are a bunch of cheeky bastards for releasing a piece of unfinished shit as full software without doing the most basic of real-world testing’ list. Kind of over it. Interestingly it’s illegal to knowingly release a defective product in my country, but they probably just paid our govt. to look the other way.

  6. Umm…of course there are…they can be accessed either from the control panel or from the battery icon near your desktop clock. After that click Change plan settings from your Powerplan of choice, and click Change advanced power settings after that…same as Windows 7 actually…

  7. What do we do when our desk top computer (Windows 7) shows a low battery warning, even though new batteries have been installed. It appears to be a Windows 7 glitch. Yes?

  8. im using windows 8, without out any low battery notification my PC gets off when it comes to 30% battery level, reply me quickly

  9. windows 8 is made in India.. so.. what do you expect?! Like Skype; was a great software before Microsoft baught it.. now it is dying like MSN messenger did!

  10. So how can I change it so the notifications don’t interrupt whatever I’m doing (like dropping the program I’m running to the taskbar just to let me know the power is running low?)

  11. If you have a device with critical battery level set at 10% and you turn on your device at a starting level of 8%, will the critical battery action happen immediately, or when it is raised to the 10%? If the latter, and the critical battery action is set to shutdown for both plugged in and not plugged in, will it shutdown when charging level raises it to 10%, even though it is plugged in?

  12. Hi, thanks for this article. My problem is that even if I create a custom power profile, I can’t set the critical power level less than 7%! If I make it lower, then Apply. if reverts to 7%. With the speed at which this can shut down, it’s a huge waste of at least 5% battery power. I’d love to have it auto shut down with 2% remaining. Any way around this? I have the new HP Spectre x360.

  13. This didnt help me, My computer doesnt come up with a big obvious notification telling me my powers running out. All i have is a little icon in the corner. I dont tend to keep checking it, id rarther have a big message reminding me.

    I a lot of the time watch something on full screen and i cant see it, and im watching and enjoying something, destracted. Then suddenly it turns off. and there seems to be no way to fix this. I have tryed the steps, just like everyone else..This doesnt help..Windows 8.1 by the way.

  14. On Windows 10, I found this in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings, after clicking “Change advanced power settings” near the bottom.

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  16. Under “Power Options – Advanced”, there is also a setting for “Sleep” where you set the time before the computer goes to sleep when inactive ………. there is an adjustment for both “On Battery” and “Plugged In”. Check that to see if that is where your problem is originating.

  17. I would think immediate action when power is turned on if battery level is at 8% with a turnoff level at 10% ……… same as if it just reached 10% from a higher level.

  18. Seems like a software fix needed to put warning label on top of full screen window when computer reaches “low battery level”.

  19. I have changed all these settings and it gives me the warning bar then just shuts down, gives me no time to plug power cord in before it shuts down. HELP NOW DO I GET SETTINGS SO IT DOESN’T JUST TURN OFF

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