How to change & browse with IP from another country of your choice

Although the Internet is available for everyone, not all websites are available for all the people across the globe. Sometimes you can find regionally restricted sites, blocked YouTube videos and much more on the internet. For instance, if you try to browse Spotify from India, you will get an error message, whereas it is live and working website in the US.

Or, suppose you want to browse a site without disclosing your geo-location or IP address, which is the unique address of every internet enabled device. To address such concerns, here is a simple web tool called Teleport that will let you change & browse with IP from another country without spending a dollar.

Browse with IP from another country of your choice

Browse with IP from another country

Like I said before, Teleport is a free web app that works as a web proxy to help you to access geo-blocked websites and browse content that is not available for your country. It is also possible to access blocked web content using Teleport even if your ISP has blocked it. Teleport works smoothly and without slowing down the connection.

One important feature here is that Teleport allows users to choose the country that they want to browse from. As Teleport is a web proxy tool, it will show an extension with every webpage. For example, if you try to open from the US, you may get a URL like this,

If you try to open from the UK, you may get a URL like this,

As far as security is concerned, Teleport is a safe website to browse blocked web content or sites. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind while using this tool.

There are two labels called “Trusted” and “Non-Trusted.” When you see the list of countries with available proxies, you may see  label displayed against it – Trusted or Non-Trusted. If you see “Non-Trusted” label next to a country, it is recommended to avoid this connection if you want to enter login credentials. But if you see a “Trusted” mark next to a web proxy, it is safe to use that connection, according to the website.

To get started, visit the website. You will find an empty box to enter the URL that you want to access. Following that, choose a country that you want to browse from.

Thus, you will be able to change & browse with an IP from any other country of your choice.

There are other ways to change your IP address and browse from another country:

  • You can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps such as Betternet, Avira Phantom, TunnelBear, etc. to do the same.
  • The TOR browser can also help you go anonymous.
  • If you like to use extension or add-on in your browser, you can opt for Hola or Zenmate. They are reliable and very easy to use VPN extension for Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. Like, you would be able to choose the country.
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