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Download Windows Live Essentials 2011, Beta 2

Windows Live Essentials 2011, Wave 4, beta refresh, has been released and is now available for download. The new installer weighs in at about 151MB for the full installer and carries the build number 15.4.3001.0809. UPDATE 30th Sept 2010 : […]

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How Google Search Works

Although Google focuses on three key areas: Search, Ads and Apps, Search is its core technology; Ads are their central business proposition; and Apps are the umbrella over their web-based software that you can access anywhere, any time.

Google updates Gmail Interface & Contacts

It was only a few days ago that Hotmail upgraded all the accounts to the new version of Hotmail Wave 4, with some amazing new additional features in it. So in an attempt to do something from their side Google […]

Facebook Allows Users To UnSubscribe From Comments and Likes

Many people get annoyed due to lot of Facebook notifications which they get when commenting or liking the post on their Facebook stream. Due to these notifications, many people don’t comment or like other status updates or wall post.  Facebook […]

How to edit Videos in Windows Movie Maker

Many times while shooting a video, we keep the camera on and continue to record some events that may not be useful. So we end up with longish video having some unwanted footage or long pauses where no action is being taking place. And these things do happen in shooting Home videos. So we want to remove these unwanted portions present in between. And to do all the editing we have the excellent Windows Live Movie Maker.


Get the Official Twitter Button For Your Website Now

We had mentioned that Twitter would soon be making available its own Tweet buttons.  Twitter has now released the Official twitter tweet buttons for blogs and websites. The Twitter button lets you share links directly from the page you’re on. […]

Search for Guides at The Guide DB, a PDF Database

The Guide DB is basically a huge collection of PDF guides that you will find very useful. Whenever you search for any guide on this website, you will get many results. You can even preview a PDF before downloading it, […]

Turn blog posts into eBook with Anthologize

Want to convert your online content and blog posts into an eBook? Want to turn your blog posts into an eBook? Use the power of WordPress to transform your blog into an electronic book with Anthologize. Turn blog posts into […]

3 Online Tools To Create Pie Charts and Bar Diagrams

To display a record of information in graphical interface, pie charts, bar diagrams and other such chart diagrams are the best ways to present or communicate information visually. If you don’t have a Microsoft Office installed, then free online tools […]

Microsoft Live Labs launches

Microsoft Live Labs has released a free tool for easy sharing of high-resolution Web images. is a free service for viewing and sharing high-resolution imagery. You give them the link to any image on the web, and the service […]

Tweak your Twitter sidebar to make it transparent

In the past we had seen many Twitter tools and apps for enjoying a better Twitter experience. Little tweaks on the Twitter web interface will add spice to it if you are an interface lover. There are many Twitter clients […]

The new Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 is here!

Microsoft has completed the entire process of upgrading Windows Live Hotmail to Wave 4. As a result, over 350 million users, 1.3 billion inboxes in more than 220 countries around the world have now been upgraded to Windows Live Wave […]

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Song: Facebook is a stupid idiot

David Ippolito debuts his new ‘Facebook is a stupid idiot ‘song at The Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater in New York City in 2010. You must watch this video and listen to this hilarious song!

Turn Your Blog Images into 360 Degree View with Swivel Viewer

Have you tried embedding your images with a 360 degree view in your website? Google has released a open source photo viewing application or embeddable album viewer named Swivel Viewer. It is basically a slideshow image gallery where you can […]

The new Digg v4 is on its way

Since Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites eclipsed , Digg has been working hard at trying to reinvent itself & regain its lost glory. The new Digg v4 is expected to be launched shortly. Consequently, the website has […]