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New PC In The House, ad and website from Microsoft

Microsoft recently tweeted about a new ad being released, taking its “I’m a PC’ campaign to the next level. In the TV ads, Microsoft target unsuspecting real people by transforming a room in their home into a personal PC store […]

Comic: How to fix any Windows, Mac, Linux computer easily

Time to have a laugh! Check out this amusing comic on how to fix any Windows, Mac, Linux computer. A reboot usually solves most problems in Windows, and a Format definitely does! To solve Linux issues, you are really going […]

C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners eBook released

We are pleased to release an eBook on C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners. Using this free resource, you can learn the basics of C sharp programming, tips, tricks tutorials the easy way. C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners eBook The contents […]

Introduction to Virtualization

As a user some of you may be nonplussed by the two terminologies which appear now almost at every  technical site:  Cloud Computing and Virtualization. We had covered introductory articles on Cloud Computing but Virtualization has not been covered here. […]

Guide: Windows PowerShell Language Specification v2.0

Microsoft has released a document on Windows PowerShell Language Specifications, and it is now available for download. PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language, designed especially for system administrators. Most shells operate by executing a command or utility in […]

Which was the first Bing image of the day?

Bing introduced the feature of displaying wonderful images as backgrounds to an otherwise plain search page. While many liked it, some preferred to display them without the background images. A small triva question, while on the subject! Which was the […]

Microsoft launches the 7 Star Challenge

Microsoft has launched a new on-going contest for you Windows 7 lovers out there! If you think you know Windows 7 like the back of your hand and have truly mastered the most popular OS, it’s time to put your […]

Configure Gmail in Windows Live Mail using POP

Most of us today use multiple email accounts for personal and work. And we have to check each one of them separately so that we don’t miss important email. It is much easier if you use a desktop email client […]