Capture multiple contents to clipboard with ClipAngel for Windows 10

The clipboard feature on Windows 10 hasn’t changed much ever since it became a thing, and that can be a problem for many power users. You see, it’s not possible to copy multiple pieces of text and have it saved in the clipboard for future use. Now, you might be wondering if there’s any way to get around the problem. Well, yes, yes you can, but bear in mind you’ll have to download a third-party free clipboard manager software. The one we discuss today is called ClipAngel, and from our days of use, we have to say that it works quite well.

ClipAngel Clipboard Manager software for Windows

This program belongs to class “Clipboard Manager”. It captures many clipboard objects and allows the user to select and paste one in any program. Inspired by analogs: ClipDiary, Ditto, AceText. Main priorities: usability, compatibility, reliability.

We will discuss the following points:

  1. Add content to the clipboard
  2. List
  3. Clip
  4. Settings

1] Add content to clipboard the easy way

ClipAngel Clipboard Manager software for Windows

There’s nothing to learn here, to be honest. Just add stuff the same way you’ve always done when using the default clipboard feature in Windows 10.

Highlight the words you want to add to ClipAngel, right-click, then select Copy from the menu. Alternatively, you could highlight the words, then select CTRL-C to copy, and right away you’ll see the items in the application.

2] List

This section allows the user to control the list of items in the window. From here, folks can have an item moved to the top after use. Additionally, you can manually move an item up, or move it down at any time.

When it comes down to Filter by date, this is another great feature we tend to use often before clearing our history. When you click on it, you’ll be shown a calendar, which is where you’ll be able to filter and only show the items you want to see.

Now, if you want to delete all your items, click on Delete all non-favorite. Doing this will remove all items from the list outside of the ones that you’ve favorited. If you want to mark an item as a favorite, right-click on it then select the option that says Mark as favorite.

The list option is filled with things you can do, so give it a thorough run through before moving forward.

3] Clip

This section is pretty rich in features as well, so take your time when going through it. From here, you can also mark items as favorite, so there’s another option. The option to delete items one-by-one is also here.

Additionally, if you want to search for an item, you can do that directly from the Clip section, no problem. There’s quite a lot the user can do from this section. Therefore, we suggest checking it out.

4] Settings

If you would prefer to edit the hotkey for them to fit your style, then this is where you’ll get it done. Folks can even choose to copy text from any window, though it’s not something we’d use quite often.

By default, ClipAngel checks for the latest update automatically. You might not be interested in this. Therefore, the ability is there to turn it off. Furthermore, the program doesn’t autostart when Windows 10 boots up, but this can be changed with a simple click of the mouse.

Overall, we found ClipAngel to be the most powerful clipboard tool we’ve ever used, and that’s saying a lot. Go on ahead and give it a try because we’re certain you won’t be disappointed, not one bit. You can download ClipAngel directly from Sourceforge for free.

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