Sync Clipboard between computer or devices using Magic Copy

If you want to share clipboard with more than one device at once, this free tool called Magic Copy will help you. It allows you to synchronize clipboard across multiple devices. It is available for almost all the popular platforms including Windows 10. Many times, we need to share text or link quickly with a second computer or from mobile to PC or vice versa. Instead of using services like Google Keep or Evernote, you can use this freeware that will make things easier for you. It takes hardly five seconds to detect a new entry – and that is how you can send a long text to another device quickly.

Sync clipboard between multiple devices

Magic Copy lets you synchronize clipboard across multiple devices

Using Magic Copy for Windows PC, you can synchronize the Windows Clipboard between computers, Android, iPhone devices and Phones easily.

Before downloading and using, you should know that you need to create an account. That account will be used to keep your texts or links. You can use this account on any device where you want to send the text or link.

To start using this clipboard software, you need to download it from the official website. After the installation process is complete, you need to enter your account details.

Whenever you copy some text or link, you will find a Got It message on your screen. If you can find this message, you can find the text/link in the app as well. However, the lack of that message indicates the failure of fetching clipboard.

If you have got the message, but still the text is not showing in the app, you should check if you have a valid internet connection. If so, you can click the small cloud icon before the settings gear icon to synchronize copied item manually.

There is a toggle button. By default, it is turned on. If it is green, that means Magic Copy app is capturing your clipboard. However, the red sign indicates that this app is not capturing your clipboard. You can disable it when you do not need to share any text or link through this app.

The drawback of this app is it doesn’t have an option to delete a particular entry. In case you need to remove all the entries, you can go to Settings > Erase All Clips.

If you like, you can download Magic Copy app from here.

In case you do not like this app, you can always use Cloud Clipboard in Windows 10, which is a native tool to synchronize clipboard across multiple devices.

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