Browser Security Tests to check if your Browser is secure

There are a number of things that make up a browser. It is not just about surfing the Internet, but surfing it safely. Security is one of the most important aspects of any browser, and you need to know if your browser offers you enough protection. There are many aspects to browsing that you need to know exist and that your browser does not compromise on security to let you surf the Internet.

Is my Browser secure?

If you are wondering if your browser is secure, here are some websites that are designed to test browsers. You can simply visit these websites and see where your browser stands in terms of security. Some of these websites allow you to share and thereby compare data gathered by running tests on two or more browsers.

BrowserScope is a website that offers a number of tests to determine the security of your browser. In addition to security, it also hosts a number of tests to let you know how it deals with scripts etc. The names of tests are listed on the upper tab.

Click on “About” under each test to see the number of tests and what the tests do. Click on “Results” to view results of previous tests run by other users. Click on “Tests” to run the tests on your own browser. You can choose to share the results of your test with others by selecting “Share” on the “Tests” page.


When you are browsing on the Internet, your browser leaves digital footprints. This allows other websites to gather information about you. This includes the applications installed on your computer and your surfing activity.

To know what all information your browser shares with other websites, log on – using the browser – to There are some 64+ tests available that let you know all the information your browser shares with the websites you visit.

PCFlank offers a number of tests that allow you to test your computer firewall, browser and more. Since we are talking about the browsers in this article, PCFlank does a good job in finding out what all information does your browser share with websites you are visiting. If any vulnerability is found, PCFlank will recommend steps to fix the problem(s).

Qualys BrowserCheck

BrowserCheck shows you the browser you are using and gives you two options – 1) run a quick scan or 2) install a plug-in – to know if the browser has any security issues. In my case, I found three issues when performing the test with Google Chrome 18.0.1025.162. Check the image to see the issues and the recommendations I got from BrowserCheck.


Panopticlick is another website that will check if your browser’s configuration is unique and then give you a uniqueness score. The more rare or unique your browser configuration, the less other websites will be able to track you, even if you limit or disable cookies.

These are some websites I know that answer the question – Is my browser safe. If you know of any other website or have a favorite, do share with us – and yes, let us know how your browser performed!

Now take a look at some of these tips to best secure your browsers.

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