Bring Your Own Device setup and settings in Windows 10

With all the modern working environments coming up, the need to keep different devices for work and personal use has almost eliminated. Having the same device for work and personal use not only lets you work from anywhere but also lets you switch from work to personal accounts easily. This entire setup is called Bring Your Own Device or BYOD.

If you are implementing BYOD policies in your company, you are definitely going to save some real money. Also, your employees will feel more comfortable by working from their existing laptops or mobiles. In this post, we’ve covered how to setup Bring Your Own Device on Windows 10.

Bring Your Own Device Setup and Settings

Windows 10 comes with a built-in functionality to accommodate your work and school accounts. You can quickly set them up and start using your email and other applications with those accounts.

To set up a Work or School account, go to ‘Settings’ and then open ‘Accounts’. Now choose ‘Access work or school’ from the left menu.

Bring Your Own Device Setup and Settings

Hit the Connect button and wait for a pop-up window to load. Enter the email address associated with your work/school account. Remember that this option only supports accounts that are using Office 365 or other business services from Microsoft. Once you are logged in, you can take benefits of all the features of your Work/School account.

If you want to sign in with any other account instead, you can follow these steps.

To setup email for your Work account, open the ‘Mail’ application. Click the ‘Settings’ icon and then select ‘Manage Accounts’ from the menu. Now hit the ‘Add Account’ button and then select the type of account.

Bring Your Own Device Setup and Settings

In this case, it is a custom domain Google Account. So, select your account type and log in using your credentials. You can easily switch between inboxes by selecting the desired account from the left panel. You can also write emails from any of your personal or work accounts. The Windows 10 Mail app works amazingly well and makes it a lot simpler to manage different accounts.

Similarly, you can access your events and important meetings from the Calendar application. The account that you added using the Mail app will automatically show up here in ‘Calendar’ app. Or you can manually add accounts in the Calendar app as well.

This was how to setup your computer with your Work accounts. You can add as many of these accounts and enjoy the benefits of BYOD. But we have not implemented BYOD completely. To do so, you may have to ask for the Wi-Fi password at your workplace and connect your computer to that network. And if your company provides you with VPN credentials, you can also setup a VPN by going to ‘Settings’ and then into ‘Network & Internet’.

Implementing BYOD on Windows 10 is pretty easy and basic, and we believe everyone should use it instead of having two devices.

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