Fix Incorrect Storage Size Problem of Pen Drive using Bootice

If you are looking for a portable freeware that allows you to modify, backup and restore the Master Boot Record and the Partition Boot Record) of local or removable drives, then Bootice may be what you are looking for. Bootice also has another use. Sometimes, a pen drive can show incorrect storage size. To fix incorrect storage size problem of pen drive, you can use Bootice, too. This tool will combine those two partitions of your pen drive so that you can get your whole storage space back. As this is not possible with Disk Management or the standard Format option does not do anything, you can use this tool.

In this post we will see how to use Bootice to fix the incorrect disk storage size problems of a USB Pen Drive.

How to use Bootice

First, download Bootice. You do not have to install this tool since Bootice is a portable software. Now, plug in your pen drive and open Bootice on your PC. You will get a screen that looks as follows:

How to use Bootice

Just click on Parts Manage. Now, you can find all the partitions that you have in your pen drive. You can find at least two partitions on your screen.

Bootice partition setup

If you get this, just click on Re-Partitioning.

Now, select:

  • USB-HDD mode (Single Partition)
  • File system: FAT32
  • Vol Label: anything
  • Start LBA: 1
  • Reserved Secs: 32

Bootice Setup

And hit the OK button. Now, you will get a warning message. You just have to hit the OK button.

Bootice warning message before re partition

After completing the re-partition, you will get back your whole disk space.

If you like Bootice, you can download it from here.

If you mistakenly deleted any partition of your hard disk, you can use EaseUS Partition Recovery Tool.

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