How to block Mixer app on Xbox One for Kids with age restriction

Xbox and Windows both have excellent Family Feature baked into the system. It makes sure that if you are creating an account for your Kid on Xbox, it will restrict them to access features and applications which are not recommended for their age group.  That said, its built on a system of trust. While games and app have their ratings, games which stream videos can break this trust. The Mixer is a very popular video streaming app from Microsoft, and it seems a lot of games are actually breaking the trust. In this post, we will share how you can block the Mixer app on Xbox One for Kids.

Block Mixer app on Xbox One for Kids

We got this comment from one of our readers, Neil who said-

Do you know if following this process will prevent the previews from playing on the Mixer tab? I notice that from my XBox account, if you tab over to Mixer there are live streams of Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption which can be kept on permanently by simply hovering over the windows.

As well as the blood and gore there was a woman drinking what looked like WKD vodka, swearing and sticking her fingers up to the camera. No age warnings at all (unless you tried to click the window).

I am considering setting up the family center but do you know if this will prevent these streams from previewing?

Sadly there is no way to uninstall the Mixer app, and even if you disable his communications ability and streaming ability from his end, he can still watch. Its a difficult situation for parents for sure. Streamers don’t stay child-friendly” all the time.  So here is what you can do about it.

You can restrict access to Mixer by setting your Kids content restrictions to an age limit of 12 or lower.

  • Login to your Console with your account. I am assuming you are the parent, and you have admin permissions here.

  • Now navigate to the right using the Xbox bumper until you reach the System tab.

  • Select Settings > Account > Family > Manage Family members> Select your child’s account

  • Select “Access to content” and Set the selection in the drop down to 12 or lower

Block Mixer App on Xbox One for Kids

Mixer App is not recommended for kids below 13 years, and this change will make sure that it’s blocked. If your kid tries to launch it, it will ask permission of the parent to unblock it.

Parent Permission to UnBlock Mixer for Kids on Xbox One

This option will override the automatic restriction which is applied automatically by Xbox based on the age of your kid.

That said, we can only hope that Microsoft Xbox team can bring solutions that can help parents restrict streaming in a much better way. While there is an option to report streams like that, but this is not really helping. We need much better control. Until then parents can block apps this way.

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