How to Report and Block Gamertag, Content, and Messages in Xbox One

Xbox has evolved from just being a gaming console to a complete social experience around gaming. Starting with Xbox One, anyone with Xbox Live has more access to consuming more content, audio chat with gamers you don’t even know, make friends, what their videos on Mixer and so on. This also means you will end up meeting rouge players which don’t really come to bring good to the community but do all sort of nuisance.

Keeping this in mind, Microsoft does have inbuilt tool report such kind of activities, and gamers along with the content to make sure your experience remains on par, always. Microsoft has a detailed code of conduct on their website which warns of things you should not be doing in the community.

If you have a bad experience with an Xbox Live gamer, you can report about him using his Gamertag, right from the Xbox One console. Xbox Live lets you report for many reasons like:

  • Inappropriate profile content which includes anything with their Profile pictures, content in the bio, inappropriate, abusive, or threatening language in voice communications or in form of text, and so on.
  • Xbox One now allows you to share content like videos, screenshots and so on. Even though its restricted, but if you find a content which is not right for some reason including violent, and controversial religious content, you can report it.
  • Xbox is known for getting modded which allows some users to have an advantage over others. If you doubt that a player is cheating in the game, quitting early, spoiling the game, killing their own teammates, and trolling others you can report them.

Report & Block a Gamertag on Xbox

How to Report and Block Gamertag, Content, and Messages in Xbox One

  • Open Xbox Guide
  • Navigate to People Section (Friend list)
  • Select Recent Players, and figure out which player it was, and select the profile by pressing “A” on your controller.
  • Under his profile look for a label which says “Report or Block“. Press A to open it.
  • Now you can select either report or block.
    • Report:  You can select one of the reasons I had mentioned above.
    • Block: This will make sure that gamer will never be able to contact you in any way, including party invites, messages, and game chat, nor see your content. This is applied immediately.

Note: When you report a gamer or content, nothing happens instantly. Microsoft has their own system to check on how many people are reporting, and sometimes they are manually checked so nobody cheats with the system. However, when the number of reports increases for a gamer, you do get to see the notice which might say “Avoid” or similar message to give you a warning.

If you cannot find a gamertag in your “recent players” list, you can always make a search from the People section. Look for a label which says “Find Someone”, and then you can search using the exact gamertag.

Report Offensive Content in Xbox

Xbox Community section allows you to share your game clips, images, achievements, and so on to your friends or to everyone on Xbox Live community. If you find there is something offensive about it, you can report about it.  Take a look at the screenshot below:

This will look almost similar no matter from where you reach it. So the action will be the same in all cases.

  • Press A on your controller to open it.
  • Look for More Options which is usually at the bottom left. Tap to open it
  • Select “report”, and you will have to select one of the following things.
    • Inappropriate feed item.
    • Feed item is inappropriate, offensive, or harassing.
    • Player Name or gamertag
    • Player Picture.
  • Submit to complete reporting.

How to Report a Message in Xbox

Xbox Live has an in-built messaging system which allows any of your friends, and if you have your privacy settings open, anybody who knows your gamer tag can send you audio, or a text message. You can report them too.

Report Messages in Xbox One

Report Messages in Xbox One

  • Open that message, and press reply.
  • Next using the cursor keys on your controller, you can navigate to the individual message you found offensive.
  • Press A, and you will option to mark it as “inappropriate” or “spam”
  • If you wish to report the person from here, you can use the More Option to do it.

How to Report a Club on Xbox

Clubs are new features in Xbox One which allows you run a virtual club for any game you like. This helps in finding new gamers, a lot of interesting conversations, and so on. In case you find a Club which is offensive, you can report it.

Steps to Report Club on Xbox One

Steps to Report Club on Xbox One

  • Open the People Menu by first pressing the Guide Button, and navigating to the left to People section.
  • Next, find “Clubs” section, and open it.
  • If you are a member of the club, you should see it listed, else search for the club using “Explore All clubs” option.
  • Once you are on the front page of the Club you wish to report, look for a button which says “REPORT”.
  • Select, and press A and choose from options which include
    • Club Name is inappropriate to name or offensive.
    • Club Description
    • Profile Pic.
    • Background.

Similarly, Look for Group posts can be reported.


Xbox Live has a system in place to report all contents which you find offending, however, be warned that do not misuse the feature, else karma will follow you back. Any time you report a person, give some thought about it because unlike blocking a message, this cannot be reverted back. If you really think that things went south, and the person deserves it, then take your bold step.

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