Best Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

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  1. Your list fails to include some pretty terrific document assembly
    add-ins on the market. My favorite (because I wrote it) is Pathagoras.
    While it does what the other guys do (automation of documents), it
    concentrates on ‘building block’ assembly, using text snippets saved as
    ordinary documents. (HotDocs, TheFormTool and others typically start
    from huge templates with interviews resulting in removing text that is not
    relevant.) Pathagoras’ approach provides
    quick access to all building blocks independently of the huge template.
    This fits so very well your introductory sentence: “Add-ins are
    extremely useful [tools to] speed up accessibility . . .boost productivity and simplify your life.” Pathagoras lets you
    access any Word document by just typing its name and pressing Alt-G.

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