BATExpert: Free Laptop Battery Monitoring Software for Windows 10/8/7

Laptops are an essential part of life for many of us. They travel with us to our work, school and sometimes even on vacation. But what if your laptop battery dies when you are on the go and are just unable to charge it?  The ability to use your laptop is limited by the amount of battery available when you are away from an outlet.

Laptop Battery Monitoring Software

Laptops need a proper care and maintenance and to tell you the truth batteries are one of the weak links in laptop computers. BATExpert is an application that helps users visualize the status of their laptop battery. It is a simple program and can be run on any type of laptop.batexpert

While we can always find out the current status of batter by hovering the mouse over the battery icon in the taskbar of our laptop, this program tells you much more about the battery.

This tool shows you the current status of the battery installed in your laptop and also provides other detailed information about it like the battery type, manufacturer, voltage and temperature, etc. The simple and intuitive interface makes it an easy to use tool. There is also an additional tool to BATExpert which warns the user sbout lower battery condition.

The lightweight installation takes just a few minutes. BATEXpert launches as soon as you are done with the installation. The main overview says it all and its entire features are displayed simply in an organized way.

The main overview of BATExpert is divided into 6 sections-

  • Status – The first section shows the Status of battery with its charging level in percentage followed by the second indicator which shows you the information regarding voltage of your laptop. The third indicator in this section shows the power of the laptop battery and its remaining battery time.
  • Manufacturer – Here you can see the details about the manufacturer of your laptop battery.
  • Chemistry – This section shows the type of your laptop battery, for example (Lithium Ion)
  • Health/Wear – This is the most important detail about the laptop battery as it shows its actual health. It displays results in percentage, where lower values indicate problematic health.
  • Temperature and Charge Cycles are the 5th and 6th sections. Well! I am not sure why BATExpert is showing N/A (not available) here.  I guess these details are not made available for my laptop battery.

There is a separate section at the bottom named “Find New Battery’. This section directs you to Amazon sales page of laptop battery.

BATExpert download

BATExpert despite being a simple program tells you all about your laptop battery. It lets you know if your laptop battery is doing fine or needs a replacement. You can download it from its home page, where you will be able to see the Softpedia or Majorgeeks download links. If you wish to download from their site, download the Lite Installer, which does not include third-party offers.

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  1. ShaunWarburton

    it’s a pity you didn’t read about hidden installs before you recommended this garbage it put junk on your system even if you tell it not to. and as for the program nothing but links asking for money pure S**t

  2. Kyle

    BATExpert – 1.2 (Released 2014-04-26)

    – 0002435: [New Feature] Log change of state (charge/discharge/charged) (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.
    – 0002514: [New Feature] Log details about battery (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.
    – 0002510: [Refactoring] Remove message about “Driver 3rd party tool” (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.

  3. Kyle

    BATExpert – 1.5 (Released 2015-01-02)

    – 0002664: [Bug] Misdetection of Windows 8.1 (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.
    – 0002737: [Bug] GUI problems with 120 DPI (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.

  4. Simon

    I tried it on two laptops with known good batteries and showed a red warning for both.

  5. aoife_smile

    Hi there,I can see the find new battery but how would I know if I need a new one?
    What should it look like?

  6. Muhammad Noman

    Hi, dear my battery life time is very short,,,,,,however its a new one ,,,,how i can manage it??

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