BATExpert: Free Laptop Battery Monitoring Software for Windows 10/8/7

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  1. ShaunWarburton

    it’s a pity you didn’t read about hidden installs before you recommended this garbage it put junk on your system even if you tell it not to. and as for the program nothing but links asking for money pure S**t

  2. Kyle

    BATExpert – 1.2 (Released 2014-04-26)

    – 0002435: [New Feature] Log change of state (charge/discharge/charged) (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.
    – 0002514: [New Feature] Log details about battery (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.
    – 0002510: [Refactoring] Remove message about “Driver 3rd party tool” (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.

  3. Kyle

    BATExpert – 1.5 (Released 2015-01-02)

    – 0002664: [Bug] Misdetection of Windows 8.1 (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.
    – 0002737: [Bug] GUI problems with 120 DPI (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.

  4. Simon

    I tried it on two laptops with known good batteries and showed a red warning for both.

  5. aoife_smile

    Hi there,I can see the find new battery but how would I know if I need a new one?
    What should it look like?

  6. Muhammad Noman

    Hi, dear my battery life time is very short,,,,,,however its a new one ,,,,how i can manage it??

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