How to Auto Delete email in Outlook selectively


  1. Yes but
    (1)You still have to Empty your Deleted items- or set Outlook to delete upon closing.
    (2)Why not just have the emails set to Junk, and use the Junk Mail settings to delete.

    The issue i have though is that Outlook collects my emails – ESET puts them into SPAM- all my SPAM goes into the DELETED folder, I have rules that move emails into DELETED also – but because the emails are “not actually deleted” – when i collect the emails on my phone – all the emails in the deleted folder appear on the phone.

    Better would be that “just like in Windows” you can elect to delete without going in the Recycle bin. So DELETE from OUTLOOK and bypass the Deleted Items folder.

    Just a though, and i am sure many would also like this.

  2. There is option to permanently delete mails from MS Outlook when they arrive. You can use “permanently delete” instead of sending it to Deleted Items. Let me know if you have issues finding it in the rules (should be in the third screen).

  3. I get spam from an unknown crazy email address but it shows as if a real person I know sent it with the real person’s name as the sender. When I do the above, will it delete only mail from the crazy real spam email address that sent it or will it also delete mail from another “real” email address associated with that name in my contacts?

  4. I tried to set a Rule to delete email from specific sources but I suddenly find that my “Deleted Items” folder is always empty. It is being emptied automatically. How can I clear all rules and start over please or look at all existing rules to revise or delete them please? Thank you.

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