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reinstall microsoft store apps

How to reinstall Microsoft Store Apps in Windows 10

Till now, we have seen many issues in which users were having trouble using Windows Store Apps in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Sometimes, the apps refuse to start and take you back to the Start Screen. In some other […]

Completely disable Web Search in Windows 10 using Group Policy

Microsoft has integrated Bing web search in Windows 10/8.1, in addition to the native search available in previous Windows editions. Thus when you search for anything on your Windows computer, if you’re connected to the web, Bing web search results […]

How to schedule a Scan in Windows Defender on Windows 10

Microsoft has provided Windows 10/8 with built-in security software, Windows Defender. It’s free, easy to use, and has great features like other competitor antivirus software in its class. In this post, we will see how to schedule a full scan […]

Files & Folders in USB turn into Shortcuts in Windows 10

We all use the USB as the detachable drive to transfer data since it’s convenient to carry and can be easily operated plus it provides great speed in data transferring. Today, I came around a weird issue on my USB […]

Failed to install Windows Update with error code 0x8024200D

Upgrading to Windows 10 using Windows Updates seems to be a painful task for some users. After the release of Windows 10, many users have reported that various error codes while upgrading. We’ve already seen solutions for some common installation […]

Create System Image in Windows 10 using PowerShell

If you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, you might have noticed that Windows 7 File Recovery, which was under the hood of File History available in Windows 8 has been removed in Windows 8.1. Due to this, you can’t […]

USB Devices not working in Windows 10

USB or Flash drives are the choice of many users, as far as data transfer among different computers is concerned. However, at times it may happen that your USB devices are not working properly and they led to poor user […]

Sleep Mode not working in Windows 10

Many times, we need to put our Windows computer into the Sleep Mode, so that we can instantly wake and use it when we need it, without losing the time required for booting it. But sometimes, Windows will not Sleep.  If Windows […]

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, Cannot open the Outlook window

When it comes to managing emails, Outlook is the best companion a Windows user prefers. Outlook as a part of Microsoft Office has lots of features as compared to other email programs. However, in some situations, if Outlook gets misconfigured, […]