Audio Router routes audio from programs to different audio devices

Let’s assume that you want to use headphone for Microsoft Edge’s YouTube video but a speaker when watching movies on the VLC media player or Windows Media Player. Such things are not possible on a Windows PC. While Windows 10 v1803 lets you set preferred speakers for an app, Windows 8.1/7 users have no such option. If your version of Windows does not allow you to set different speaker for different apps, you may want to check out Audio Router.

Audio Router for Windows PC

Audio Router is a free Windows software that allows you choose the different audio output for different apps. For instance, you can set headphone while listening to music in Spotify and use the speaker for other purposes. It is a portable Windows software, which means you do not have to install it on your computer.

After downloading, unzip the zipped folder and double-click on Audio Router.exe file to open it.

set different speaker for different apps in Windows 10

On the UI you can find all the opened apps as well as default audio device, and all the connected audio devices including headphone, Bluetooth speaker, wired speaker, etc.

Let’s assume that you want to set speakers for Microsoft Edge. For that, click the arrow icon visible in the bottom of an app and select Route.

Audio Router for Windows PC

You will get a popup window with a drop-down menu. You need to select an audio device or output from the corresponding drop-down menu.

Having done that, your app will start using that audio output instead of the default one.

Audio Router has some other options as well. Like you can mute a device by clicking the Mute button, duplicate an audio output by clicking the Duplicate button and so on.

Audio Router is a simple open-source Windows software, and if you like it, you can download it from Github.

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  1. Guardian Arias

    As of 5/13/2018 windows 10 now has native audio routing. Just right click on the sound icon on the bottom left -> Open sound settings -> other sound options

  2. MIC_Rulz

    This program works well but it does not have a save file or configuration file. So you need to rerun it every time.

  3. Daniel Jahnsen Daxii

    well. it’s nice and all but it’s 2 years since it’s last been updated, and i frequently encounter a app/program (games etc.) where it just says “display name not available” and pops a error message whenever you try to either duplicate or reroute it from A to B.

  4. cadavernl nee

    I seem to get the error “Error code 0x0005: Access is denied. Router functionality not available.”.
    Any ideas?

  5. kai

    is this still the case?

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