Best Free Sound & Audio Equalizer software for Windows 10 PC

Audio Equalizers play a vital role for music lovers and sound professionals. It helps you choose the right frequency and lets you balance different sound components. I am not exactly an audiophile but its always great to listen to music at its best settings. Moreover, if you have a great pair of earphones or headphones, it only makes more sense to use third-party Audio equalizers on Windows 10. It’s also worth mentioning that this will enhance your audio for Netflix or any other streaming service to a considerable extent. All this can be done with a few clicks.

Free Audio Equalizer software software

We have listed a few of the Best Audio Equalizer tools for Windows PC.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

Free Audio Equalizer software software

Realtek HD Audio Manager for Windows which is quite sophisticated with a clean user interface. Users can customize the sound for speaker, headphones, an in-line device (audio mixers), etc. It comes with predefined settings for rock, live, pop, karaoke and other genres. Environment mode offers sound effects such as underwater, tunnels, forest, and other locations. You can even estimate sound quality for halls, rooms, and you can also control the size of places by room correction feature.

Furthermore, users can even set speakers in 3 different modes which include Quadphonic, Stereo, and 5.1 Speakers.


After its widely cheered performance for Android, it came out on the Windows platform as well. It comes with different equalizing presets for surround, maximum bass, soft music, rock, Jazz, Pop, and various styles. Installing this Equalizer for Windows can be a bit tricky. It requires .NET 2.0 framework for the application to work. It offers a Surround option by which you can estimate on how music sounds in an open space, a hall, or a closed room, etc.

Unique enhancements such as  XClarity offers crystal clear sound by suppressing noise; it also offers 3 bars to customize decibels. XBass enables support for adding extra Bass to the music, and it also lets you pick the device type. Users can also compress the high pitch sound by using the compressor. You can also include effects such as damping, decay, density, early mix, pre-delay, with the help of reverberation feature.

Download Viper4Windows from here.

Equalizer APO

It is a lightweight tool which gets the job done in the least amount of resource usage. This tool is not recommended for beginners as configuring it is a bit complicated procedure. You can install it for any of the output devices and have the ability to control sound and power. You can add an unlimited number of filters which can be done by editing the configuration file. It shows sound components and bands in a graphical manner which makes it easy to visualize for further corrections. You can also add virtual channels and filter it.

Additional features include integration with Voicemeeter and VST Plugin support. Make sure to check the list of supported devices before installing Equalizer APO. Download it from the project homepage.

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