How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to boost up your PC Sound

Realtek’s High Definition Audio Driver is one of the most used sound drivers which provides high-quality DTS, Dolby, Surround Sound. This driver software comes with a number of features and functionalities such as a six channel Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) that fully supports the 16/20/24-bit Pulse Code Modulation format for 5.1 channel audio. Realtek HD Audio Driver is typically required for your audio device to be in working condition. The company released the latest audio drivers a month before Windows 10 was released to keep up with the changed desktop environment.

When you install this driver on your PC, you are provided with Realtek HD Audio Manager using which you can tune and play with the PC sound. In this guide, we will explore the Realtek HD Audio Manager portal to configure the speakers and microphone on your PC.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

This software gets installed on your PC along with the package when you install any Realtek HD Audio Driver. You can easily launch the software from your system tray by double-clicking the Speaker icon.

How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to boost up your PC Sound

Alternatively, you can also launch it from Program Files location in your system drive:

C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtHDVCpl.exe

The executable filename can be different based on the software version you install.

Once you launch Realtek HD Audio Manager, it looks like this:

How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to boost up your PC Sound

You can see two tabs in the above image:

  1. Speakers
  2. Microphones

Let’s explore them one by one.

1] Speakers Tab

In this tab, you can modulate the settings related to speakers on your PC. Under the Main Volume section, you can adjust the system volume or balance the left-right speaker audio output using the slider provided there. Also, you can muffle up the speakers using the mute button.

Down below, we can see three tabs using which you can configure the way sound is played on your PC.

Speaker Configuration

In this tab, you can test the stereo output of the speaker or headphone that are connected to the PC. Once you click on the play button provided there, both left, and right speaker output will be tested by playing a sample audio clip. You can identify if there are any discrepancies by comparing the output for each. You can also use Headphone Virtualization, which uses advanced processing to create the illusion of a home theater while using stereo headphone. It’s quite same like Surround Sound system. Apart from this, you can configure the usage full range speakers as well.

Sound Effects

You can apply effects to the sound output using the functions provided in this tab. It provides you with a long list of available Environment effects with loudness equalization to reduce perceived volume differences. You can choose from the numerous options to intensify your speaker/headphones sound with impressive environment effects. You can also use a native Equalizer and Voice Cancellation feature to set the sound effect per your comfort.

How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to boost up your PC Sound

Default Format

Under this tab, you can select the default sound quality in terms of sample rate and bit depth. If you are using an audio CD or a DVD, then you can set the sound format using CD Format and DVD Format options respectively.

How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to boost up your PC Sound

2] Microphones Tab

Under this section, you can configure the way microphones work on your PC. Below are the available sections to induce effects for Microphone device:

Microphone Effects

It provides an option to suppress the static background noise when you are recording some audio. Apart from this, you can reduce the acoustic echo caused by front speakers during recording. These functions help you record clear audio.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

Default Format

Like the Speakers settings, you can use this function to select the default sound quality format.

Modulating these settings as per your requisites can help you utilize the full potential of your speakers and microphones. You can even manage the power wielded into modulating these settings by using inbuilt Power Management option.

How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to boost up your PC Sound

Clicking on the little battery icon on the bottom left position opens up the Power Management window where you can choose to disable the changes when your PC is running on battery power.

Do check out the features provided in the Realtek HD Audio Manager and make the most of it.

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  1. (((marco01)))

    I am no longer able to launch the Realtek Audio Manager. I used to be able to access it with it’s own specific speaker icon among the hidden icons, that icon is gone. The main speaker icon only brings up master laptop sound, it’s just a volume bar. I run Windows 10 on a Asus UX51VZ with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M – 2 GB. I don’t use it all the time and I refreshed about two months ago, or maybe an update did away with the manager?

    Any ideas what may be going on here?

  2. tim

    you could have it disabled thru another program or inadvertantly shut it off thru a cleaning program or a resource program that will shut down extra memory usage or just have a bad shortcut not allowing the dll to pull the program from memory. just a thought i have done this before and did not realize i did .

  3. N7NobodyCats

    i have the enhancements and such, but when i use any of the audio enhancements, none of them take effect. ive looked all over the internet for something to fix it, all i can find is posts about broken audio, my audio isnt broken its jsut the audio enhancer that is NOT taking effect, and boosting the bass, treble, vocals, etc. any ideas? all drivers are up to date, so thats not it, ive recently restarted my pc so that didnt fix it either. help pls.

  4. drea

    I actually don’t even have the Realtek drivers anymore. the folder is gone and doesn’t appear in anything in my computer. I need to download the whole thing but I’m not sure which link is safe. Everywhere that I search online are instructions on how to reinstall but I just don’t have it anymore so I can’t use those instructions. please help

  5. Travis Bates

    Realtech audio will not play on some games on steam whats weird is it will work on old games like QUAKE and BLOOD that uses dosbox PainKiller works but Blood rayne one and the new game called Dusk will run on my computer but does not have sound my old core i3 windows 7 which has windows 10 runs all my games fine with High audio my new system is a ROG Laptop with an new core i7 16 gig ram and 1T hard drive with envida geforce gtx 1050TI

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