An iPhone Destroyer game for Windows Phone 7

There may not be an iPhone-killer phone yet, but those (prospective) Windows Phone 7 users who may want to “kill” an iPhone, there is a game waiting for you!

Windows Phone 7 users will actually be able to  “kill and destroy” the iPhone with the new iPhone Destroyer  Game. The game lets you shoot down iPhone’s with your WP7 device!

The interface of the game is deceptively similar to good old  Arcade game ” Galaxian” and the game play is simple.

Checkout the video of the game on their Facebook page posted by Developpeurs Here.

This could definitely be  one of the favorite games around for the “iPhone haters using a Windows Phone 7” mobile device!  😛

Thanks to  Charlie Kindel who tweeted about the game.

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  1. diho

    wow,this is a war!!

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