How to add, remove and change signatures in Office files

We all know the purpose of a signature is to validate the authenticity and validity of a document. As we move from paper to computer, for almost every task, it becomes important to find a substitute for a signature. And that is exactly what a digital signature is. Today in this post, we will see how to add, remove and edit signatures in Word, Excel, PowerPoint files on Windows PC.

Add, remove & change signatures in Office files

A digital signature is an encrypted electronic stamp that assures that information in the digital document is from the signer. It also ensures that the information has not been altered during the transition.

Before creating a digital signature, you need to have a signing certificates. When you send a digitally signed document, you also send your certificate and a public key. This acts as an assurance that the document was not altered during the transition. The certificate is usually valid for a year, though it depends on the issuing authority. To learn more about getting a digital ID, you could check the document here.

This is a guide for working with digital signatures on Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. For Outlook, you could check this guide on adding email signature on Outlook.

Creating a signature line in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

1] Point your cursor wherever you wish to create the digital signature line on your document.

2] Among the tabs on the top, click on the Insert tab.

3] Click on the arrow on the Signature Line list in the Text group. Select Microsoft Office Signature Line. This opens the Signature Setup dialogue box. add, remove and change signatures in Office files

4] You would find fields for the following details – signers full name, the title of the signature, signers email ID and instructions to the signer. The only field you need to fill is to give instructions to the signer. This creates a signature line in the document, which needs to be filled by the signer.

Signing the digital signature in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

1] Right-click on the signature line in the document and click on Sign.

2] You can select an image of your written signature by clicking on the select image and browsing it.

3] In case you are a tablet user, you could also sign using the touchpad after clicking on the inking option next to the X.

The mark for a digital signature is added at the bottom.

Removing the digital signature in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Simply right-click on the signature line and click on Remove Signature.

Adding invisible digital signatures in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Invisible signatures protect the authenticity of a document. However, it makes the document read only unless the signer makes the necessary changes.

1] Click on the File tab, then on Info and then select Protect Document (for MS Word)/Worksheet (for MS Excel)/ Presentation (for MS PowerPoint).

2] Select the option to Add a Digital Signature from the list. Add an invisible signature

3] Fill in the dialogue box and save the settings.

Removing invisible digital signatures in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

1] Click on the File tab, then Info and then View Signatures.

2] Click on the arrow next to the signature name and select Remove from the options.

Hope this helps!

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