500 Internal Server Error on YouTube explained


  1. I solved by this by clearing all my YouTube cookies. In Firefox, select Tools | Options, and then the Privacy tab, and click the link “Remove individual cookies”. In the Search field at the top of the page, enter: youtube
    Six youtube,com sites appeared, which I highlighted, and then click Remove cookies. Refreshing the affected page was then fine.

  2. i got this message when i tried loging in to youtube to see if my friend actually deleted my youtube account but i can’t seem to see if it is deleted or not… =(

  3. Sorry, but YT pisses me off because I get this errors randomly for YEARS now. Im since 2006 on YT, well ok, I accept it that the worlds largest video portal could have some performance issues from time to time, but they don´t do anything against it so it seems. Instead they disimprove YT constantly with new features now one needs or cr@p like new designed thumbs or nonsense like this. Now they try their Cosmic Panda – it sucks. Their stupid security systems don´t work good either. A friends video was removed because YT said it violates their community guidelines. In fact it didn´t, it was online for over a year, don´t has content with Copyright issues or shows something harmful.
    YT engineers should be fired, to be honest.

  4. I honestly do not understand the big deal. Every website has maintainence from time to time and cannot be in the air forever.
    I get more annoyed by the fact about the changes the website forces on us by changing profile layouts, removing the starrating system which I even find more professional then the like or dislike.. The commercials and the fact that it has morelike become TheirTube then Youtube. Or that even your own original musiccompositions are flagged because some moment sounds simulair. It is just no longer what it used to be

  5. Although it is not supposed to be a client-side problem, I’m having a weird issue with it. I get the 500 error ONLY when on the home page of my account on my home computer. Any other computer works just fine, I can access the home page if not logged on, and I can watch videos and go anywhere but the home page from my home computer. It is only the home page of my account on my home computer that has the problem.

  6. happened on my galaxy s 2 so I uninstalled the app then reinstalled it and now it is locking me out of my account. I need help.

  7. You are an idiot. You will probably never see this, but you cannot ‘solve’ the YouTube server issue by clearing your personal computer’s cookies. You just cleared them at a coincidental time to when YouTube fixed the problem themselves. Do not give computer or web advice, ever.

  8. I found videos wouldn’t download. They had no warnings about copying, but my downloader would say there was no live video to download—until I used NoScript to disable some of the scripts from Google and YT. Then it worked fine, but is that what they call pirating? If I see warnings I don’t download. Now it looks like they don’t want us downloading ANYTHING. I’m disgusted with this as well.

  9. I got this error when trying to go into (not my own but other) youtubers playlists. For example i just tryed to go into totalbuiscet’s wtf is playlist i got the error. And when i tryed to go into SSoHPKC’s gta 5 playlist i got the error aswell. I also get it for everyone elses playlists other than my own. But when im not logged in to my youtube and go into youtube as a guest i can get into the playlists. Any help?

  10. “500 Internal Server Error

    Sorry, something went wrong.

    A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

    If you see them, show them this information:”

    apparently those monkeys can’t work fast enough…

  11. Ian is no idiot, Because this solution may work somethings

    But it doesn’t work 100%, Youtube has its own server side issues many times.

  12. All I did on chrome was close and reboot PC. If still, I recommend removal of all history.

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