Fix 0x8009002d error when you sign in using PIN or Password

ErrorĀ 0x8009002d occurs when you try to sign in to your computer after it wakes up from Sleep or Hibernate using a PIN or Password, as well as when changing your PIN. If you receive this error, the first thing you want to do is to reboot your computer a couple of times and see if the error goes away. If not then this post will help you fix the 0x8009002d error on Windows 10.


Fix 0x8009002d error when using a PIN

The fixes for this error are straightforward. We will be trying the following:

  1. Remove and Change the PIN or the Password.
  2. Modify the Sleep Settings.

1] Remove and Change the PIN or the Password

Maybe there might be some conflicting issues with the PIN or the Password you have set for the User Account of your computer. So removing or changing the PIN or the Password that you use, can fix this error.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Remove the PIN
  2. Restart PC
  3. Set new PIN
  4. Restart PC and see.

If you face issues when changing the PIN, boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode and then try.

2] Modify the Sleep Settings

Another workaround for this error is when you do not let your computer Sleep or Hibernate. Change your Power Options settings and ensure that your computer never Sleeps. Also, disable Hibernation if you have enabled it. This means that your computer will never go to sleep or in Hibernate mode which will just remove the chances of you encountering this error.

Do you know any other workaround or a fix? Let us know in the comments below.

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