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script defender

Script Defender: Security extension for a safer Chrome

Selecting the best and safest Chrome extensions has always been uncertain. I personally select the Chrome extension on the basis of its ratings and number of users but seeing recent reports of Chrome extensions injecting adware into web pages, one [...]

Break It Chrome extension

Shorten and share URLs with Break It Chrome extension

Google Chrome’s support for add-ons has exploded in last few years, with a library of apps and extensions, that makes it one of the most popular web browser. Google Chrome extensions are add-ons that extend and improve browsing experience and [...]


ExtShield warns you of malicious Chrome extensions

With reports of many Google Chrome add-ons turning malicious, you are never really sure which extension is carrying what into your Windows PC. It could be a case that you still don’t know that the recently installed extension has been [...]


10 best Chrome extensions to install in 2014

Released in September 2008, Google Chrome soon became one of the most popular web browsers. Users looking for a cleaner, faster and simpler web browser soon adopted Google Chrome, and it soon started making a mark in the browser space. The [...]

Chrome Browse as guest

How to enable Guest Mode in Chrome for Windows

When you hand over your Windows computer to your friends and family, you activate the Guest Account so they don’t have access to all your files or Admin privileges to make big changes on your Windows PC. But what about [...]

Class not registered Chrome.exe

Fix: Class not registered Chrome.exe in Windows 8

If you click on your Google Chrome browser’s tile on Windows 8 Start Screen or any shortcut and find that Chrome browser will not open, then this post will surely interest you. Specifically, you may also receive the Class not [...]


Chrome Components Page lets you update individual components

Google Chrome automatically updates itself whenever a new version of the browser is available. The update process happens in the background so it doesn’t affect any ongoing work and rarely requires any action on your part. Updating the browser assures [...]

Chrome Adjust

Chrome App Launcher: Download & Manage Apps In Chrome

Chrome App Launcher gives you instant access to Google services like Chrome store, Gmail, Google Drive and more, right from your taskbar. Using Chrome app Launcher is dead simple. Just click on the dock icon and a pop-up menu comes up [...]


Fix: Chrome.exe Bad Image error message

While using the latest version of Google Chrome browser on my Windows 8 recently, I received a Chrome.exe Bad Image error message. Chrome just wouldn’t load, and I was wondering what had happened and what needed to be done now, apart [...]


Create a Desktop App of your favorite website using Chrome

Google Chrome browser lets you create an application shortcut for your favorite website on your Windows desktop. If you like to ‘dedicatedly’ and regularly browse one or more websites frequently, you may find this built-in feature useful, as it lets [...]

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