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Download .NET Universe Poster from Microsoft

Microsoft has made available for download a .NET Universe Poster. This poster illustrates the main .NET SDKs, Packages and Libraries, classified by application type and package type. It is a very useful download for .NET programmers and developers.

.NET Universe Poster

Microsoft .NET Framework  is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes a large library of coded solutions to common programming problems and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework.

The main idea of the poster is to show how you can create any kind of application with .NET. This includes from the largest applications to the smaller apps – and it could be on desktops, tablets, smartphones, in the cloud or embedded environments.

The application types are shown as category – bucket in the poster and within each bucket the main libraries/SDKs/packages have been displayed. The main categories are:

  1. Emerging application patterns (Mobile, Web & Cloud)
  2. Established application patterns (Desktop and Embedded)
  3. Cross-Cutting concerns.

This .NET Universe Poster shows how the trends are changing in .NET as the environment id moving from a single large .NET Framework to a more loosely coupled and autonomous libraries and sub-frameworks.

You can download it from the Microsoft Download Center.