MultCloud lets you manage multiple cloud accounts & drives

Do you have many cloud storage accounts? Club them up at one single place to reduce wastage of time caused by signing into different accounts.  Cloud services now a days play a very important role in our lives. Our Phone, PC, Laptop and other personal or professional devices are connected and synced with cloud services and clubbing them all at a single place is like bringing everything near ourselves. With cloud services you can save a file from your office and complete the work as you reach home.

MultCloud is a free web service that lets you operate your different cloud services at one single place and enhances your cloud experience. To start using this free service, you will first need to create a MultCloud account, using which you can login into different cloud services.

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MultCloud supports Skydrive, Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon S3, Box and SugarSync. You can add as many accounts you want, but they should be one of the mentioned above.

MultCloud is a secure platform with great security and GUI features. The GUI is greatly designed to give you the Explorer feel and the search box lets you find your files across your cloud networks. For Google Drive, DropBox, Skydrive and Box you need to authenticate using the authentication dialog created by MultCloud but for SugarSync and Amazon S3 you need to enter your credentials beforehand. For SugarSync you need your Email and Password that you use while logging into SugarSync and for Amazon S3 you need to enter your Bucket Name, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

MultCloud supports uploading and downloading of files, and it even lets you create folders. In addition to these features you can also delete files and MultCloud supports basic functions like Cut, Copy, and Paste too. Renaming of files is also possible.

Remember, MultCloud doesn’t save your files or password on their server but they just help you connect them all. MultCloud is completely secure as it transfers your data using 256 bit AES encryption which is hundred percent efficient and secure in all terms.

MultiCloud 600x289 MultCloud lets you manage multiple cloud accounts & drives

Manage multiple cloud accounts

MultCloud is a great web service and is a great time saver, as it lets you club your personal and office cloud accounts at a single place and access them using one single MultCloud login. It is useful, comes with intuitive web interface and has got great features. Support for all the popular platforms makes it even better.

Click here to go to MultCloud. Give it a try and let us know what you think of this free service.

UPDATE 17th March 2014. Multcloud has been updated with following new features:

  1. Add FTP to Multcloud
  2. Add WebDav to Multcloud
  3. Add the menu option “Copy to”
  4. Login with Google and FaceBook Account.
  5. User interface improved: Easier to use.
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  • Ed

    Great service, but all things being equal, they really do not support all that many cloud drives. It would be nice if they would add more.

  • Arun Kumar

    I remember using some service that added SkyDrive to my Windows Explorer. I can’t find it anywhere on the web neither can recall its name. Probably, after SkyDrive sync software, they discontinued. But it was pretty useful as you would not have to store a copy locally. I think Microsoft should bring that functionality to Windows Explorer; it has done that already to MS Office 2013.

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