VidMasta is probably the best software for watching movies and TV shows online

Watching movies and TV shows on the web can be a complicated affair due to the risk of infections via several entertainment websites out there. However, this might no longer be an issue with a software for Windows, called VidMasta. From what we have seen in our various tests, VidMasta supports video playback in TV, DVD, 720p, 1080i/p formats. Users can watch their favorite movie or TV show with just a few clicks of the mouth. Just search, and then when the right content comes up, click to play. Yes, it is that easy, so it saves time especially for those with a busy lifestyle.

Software for watching movies and TV shows online


VidMasta is good for those who want to watch content anonymously. It lets you search for, read about, preview, watch, and download any movie and television titles that are being shared online. Furthermore, proxies are supported here, along with encryption. Furthermore, the software’s search option always brings to the forefront the best links to content queried, so users won’t have to perform long scrolls and click tests to find the best stream.

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There is also a Popular Movies section for those users who want to locate the latest content that have been downloaded the most by others. The same can be done for TV shows as well.

We like the options offered by VidMasta, many of which cannot be found on websites. For example, users can choose how many search queries should show up on a single pager. Additionally, users can allow VidMasta only to show contents of a particular size. This is great for those with network caps and other problems affecting their broadband connectivity.

Some other stuff we enjoy about VidMasta is the ability to view trailers for each film available, and to see ratings by those who have watched a particular movie or TV show. Seeing ratings is great and allow users to not waste their time on terrible content unless they really want to see what it is truly about.

After hours of use, we can clearly state that VidMasta does what it sets out to do quite well, and is one of the best Windows software of its kind. To be honest, we have yet to come across any problems with the software, but that doesn’t mean it is perfect. Chances are, other users might have experienced problems we didn’t, so we can only ask potential users to give it a spin to see if what VidMasta brings to the table is good enough for them.

VidMasta download

Want to download VidMasta? No problem, go here.

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