Show or Hide Data Usage for Wireless Networks in Windows 8

Many users at the end of each month receive big data bills, unaware of the fact that they had crossed the data limit. Smartphone users especially face this problem. Though many Internet Service Providers via different ways do alert you when your data usage reaches a certain threshold, it’s always advisable to monitor Data Usage for Wireless before it exceeds the allotment. Windows 8 offers many apps – and these apps without your knowing may constantly be pulling in data from the Internet.

In this post we will see how we can monitor data usage for Wireless Networks in Windows 8.

Monitor Data Usage in Windows 8

In Windows 8 you can get real-time local data usage estimates for Wi-Fi and mobile broadband network connections. The usage estimates are provided by the local counters which track the amount of data used on each individual wireless network. You can choose to have the counters remain hidden or be shown at any given time.

Show or Hide Data Usage for Wireless Networks in Windows 8

To begin with, open your Control Panel and navigate to Network and Sharing Center. Click on Connect to a network link.

You will observe the Charms Bar open and the ‘Networks’ pane visible on the right-hand side. Right-click on Wi-Fi connection status and from the list of options displayed, click on ‘Show estimated data usage’.

The action will then display the estimated data usage counter for the wireless network.

To hide the data usage for Wireless networks in Windows 8 simply, right-click on the Wi-Fi connection status again and select the option ‘Hide estimated data usage’.

That’s it!

If you want, you can reset the counter at any given time using the Reset button.

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  • bill

    After resetting the data counter to zero and turning off the wifi and the computer is shut down (Windows 8) when I turn the computer back on and go to connect the wifi sometimes it shows data use. How can this be?

  • Anand

    i m unable to find that option in windows 8

  • Donald Mayfield

    How much data is a SD move 1.5 hr long? Same question for a HD movie.

  • elw

    Does anyone know how accurate the Windows data meter is? I just connect mine a few weeks ago and it is showing a much lower data usage than my internet provider is? For example, the Windows meter has me using between 300 to 400 MBs a day while my internet provider is showing between 7 to 12 GBs a day. I am confused by the huge difference, which one is right?

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