How to find computer model name or serial number on Windows PC

If you want to find out the computer model name and the serial number of your Windows PC, here is a simple way to do it using the command prompt.

find computer model name or serial number

Find out the local computer model name

First, open a command prompt and type in the following command to get the local computer model name.

wmic csproduct get name

Find out the computer serial number

Type in the following command to get the computer serial number:

wmic bios get serialnumber

Hope it works for you!

If you cannot see a computer part number or the motherboard details, when looking at system properties.  Check this post if it is either blank or display To be filled by OEM.

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  • Eddie lydecker

    ive a question… when i type all that in the cmd it tells me “to be filled by o.e.m.”
    now i bought this computer thru an its a cyberpower system.. but i wanna get win7 upgraded to win8 to see if my crashing will stop…please can u help me out a bit i know bout computers but not a genius when it comes to solving computers problems :(

  • HHuey

    When I run the prompts the box with the name/ number appears and vanishes so fast that I have to click with my fingers already on the buttons for a screenshot, and even then sometimes I wasn’t fast enough. It took me three tries for the serial number.
    Is this just a problem with Windows 8, or am I doing something wrong?

  • Anand Khanse

    It shouldn’t be a problem. Its working fine on my Windows 8.1 too.

  • Anand Khanse
  • Dusan


    Can I find computer name through serial number in cmd ( all computer are on same domain ).

    I found way to fine serial number through computer name ( wmic /node:COMPUTERNAME bios get serialnumber ) but I need contrariwise….

  • bithtits


  • jean

    thanks guy

  • Bart Smith

    Type cmd and run the command from the prompt.

  • Shiv

    Cool thing … Thanks.

  • sulekha

    can we see other devices serial no attached to computer using any command?

  • Rodolfo

    Thank you.
    for the contribution.
    the comendo works great.
    it is but I will be useful someday.

  • craig

    heres a thing…. how the f do you open commant prompt. very helpful ¬_¬

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