How to configure Proxy Server Settings in Windows 8.1

A local Proxy Server can improve the throughput of your broadband connection and at times even provide protection against malware infections. Therefore Proxy settings have a key role to play. These settings let a browser know the network address of an intermediary server used between the browser and the Internet on some networks (local).

Normally, you change the proxy settings only when you are connecting to the Internet through a corporate network. By default, browsers such as Internet Explorer automatically detects proxy settings. However, you might need to manually set a proxy with information supplied by your network administrator. Microsoft seems to have offered an alternative option here via Windows 8.1 upgrade – as different from in Windows 8. One of the biggest additions to the Windows 8.1 settings and upgrade is the proxy settings. This makes it much easier to configure automatic and manual proxies in Windows 8.1.

Configure Proxy Server Settings in Windows 8.1

To configure the proxy settings in Windows 8.1, first bring up the charms-bar by pointing the mouse cursor to the lower-left corner of your computer screen or by using¬†Keyboard shortcut – Win+C. Choose ‘Settings’ icon and select the ‘Change PC Settings’ option.

change PC settings1 How to configure Proxy Server Settings in Windows 8.1

Next, select the option from the left-pane that reads as ‘Network’. It is under this category where proxy settings are hidden.

network How to configure Proxy Server Settings in Windows 8.1

Scroll down until you find ‘Manual Proxy Setup’ section.

proxy setup How to configure Proxy Server Settings in Windows 8.1

Under that section slide the bar in opposite direction to turn on ‘Use a proxy server’ option.

setup How to configure Proxy Server Settings in Windows 8.1

You can now proceed and fill in the IP address, port of your proxy server.

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  • Anonymous

    Where do I put my authentication credentials?

  • JC

    The SAVE button is graded out for me – is there any way to get it open? The account I am using is a local administrator account.

  • pumcal

    Why the hell is my computer constantly resetting to a proxy server that doesn’t work????? This is making me very pissed off

  • t

    EXACTLY! Just one of the many things that make Windows 8.1 absolute CRAP. If it’s not the screen randomly changing itself, opening random things, etc, it’s the hassle of having to turn off this proxy service every time you click on a webpage. irritated.

  • bhaloo

    how do i find my ip adress and port and what i should write in third box?

  • lobanker

    I was having that problem until I realized I only needed to move the top button on…automatic sensing, and leave the bottom one off. I was turning on both top buttons, causing a problem

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