Fix: The Group Policy Client Service Failed The Logon In Windows 8 / 10

In Windows 8, you can face different types of issues while logging in to your user account. Today in this article we’ll discuss about one of these errors. It is about the failure of Group Policy Client service while logging into Windows 10 / 8 using standard user account. When we tried to log on using the administrator account on the same system, it lets us to enter in. Here is the screenshot of error we just received on the issued computer:


As you can see in the above error image, there is no help about this issue offered. You just have the OK button there which links you nowhere. So how do we fix this issue? Well as usual, the fix for this problem follows the procedure to modify registry entries. Since you’re able to log in as the administrator, you can follow the steps mentioned below, thus you can consequently fix the issue and then log in, as the standard user account as well.

The Group Policy Client Service Failed The Logon

1. Press Windows Key + R combination, type put Regedt32.exe in Run dialog box and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

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2. Navigate to the following location:



3. You don’t need to modify anything under the key mentioned above. Just make sure that it is intact there properly. Next, you should locate this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Svchost


4. Now create a multi-string value in the right pane of this location and name it as GPSvcGroup and associate the Value data GPSvc with it. Moving on create a new sub key to the Svchost key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Svchost) and name it as GPSvcGroup.


5. Finally, came to the right pane of this so created sub key GPSvcGroup and create following two DWORDs with corresponding Value data:

AuthenticationCapabilities    –    12320   (Use Decimal base)

ColnitializeSecurityParam      –    1

Now close the Registry Editor and reboot and verify the status of the issue. Your problem should be fixed by now.

Hope this helps!

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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP in Windows Experience expertise and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please read the entire post & the comments first & create a system restore point before making any changes to your system.
  • Darren Walsh

    off topic here but how do you have the aero enabled on the screenshots ??

  • Anand Khanse
  • engineer

    best solution
    very good work u have done


  • Kesarvani

    But to login to the system as error itself states that we can not login to the machine.Then do we reach the run prompt in the first place.I had only one admin account(no user account) and facing this issue.tried to login using safe mode but dont know the procedure or steps.pls help

  • Kesarvani

    Pls provide the same simple steps as provided above.
    using Windows 7.Have only one account as admin and getting issues on that only.
    Not able to login to the machine in normal or safe all he modes it asks for user id,password.once I provide that it throughs an error message.
    solution u provided is easy and simple to understand but only when you are able to reach the run prompt(Windows key + R)

  • Celi S

    Thank you soooo much!! I know nothing about this kind of stuff, but I followed your step-by-step and it worked!

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad we could help :)

  • Laura Greenwell

    This worked the first time this happened, but everything is still in place and it doesn’t want to work twice

  • Michael

    Thanks so much, this is a great detailed way of fixing group policy client error. This worked first time and like everyone else, he has written a brilliant fix.
    Again, thanks you so much.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Thanks for awesome feedback :)

  • Joshua

    Good day. I made the fix noted above and have confirmed everything was in place still after booting. However, my standard accounts are still unable to login. Has anyone had this fix not work, and if so, is there a further step or additional fix which may work?

  • PCWorxLA

    After being told by the “tech support” in the local Micro$oft $tore that they would have to keep my Windows 8.1 laptop for at least 48 hours to fix the problem and I would possibly loose all my data or at least all additionally installed programs, I tried those two registry entries and it seemed to work just fine.

  • Pat

    Thank you – this worked for me!!

  • rustygh

    Very Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time.

  • Anil

    I keep having the group policy client failing at least once a week. I fixed it several times, but error keeps repeating. any fix?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ You can try the SFC /SCANNOW command at administrative Command Prompt after uninstalling all the third-party tools on your system and see if that helps.

  • Jamie

    3. You don’t need to modify anything under the key mentioned above. Just make sure that it is intact there properly.” And if it not there then what

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Please recheck, gpsvc key must be there!

  • jithesh gopan

    My lap is at 64 bit…then hw can i create dword 32 bit…is it crrct…or in case of 64 bit i can create qword 64 bit instead of dword 32 bit…pls give a rply

  • Julie

    thank you so much!!! For someone who’s not the most tech savvy, this solution was very easy and effective.

  • shawn

    Worked for me too. The only thing was that your instructions are a bit techy and could have a bit more description. Overall, good work!

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Thanks for feedback :)

  • Matt Grimsey

    This worked first time round but this time grpsvc is not an issue – it’s in the registers but the problems are still there and the associated glitches(preferred web browsers not firing on all cylinders) are still there. Am on Windows 8.1. Any ideas?

  • Hanz

    OMG!!! thank you soooo much I no NOTHING about computers I had this problem rang Microsoft thay said it would cost me $150 for them to fix over the phone thay spoke little English most of the time didn’t understand me kept putting me on hold after a hour and half on the phone to them still nothing……THEN I FOUND THIS IT WORKED A TREAT!!!! hope it works again if the same thing happens???………….. tip don’t turn of the computer it has to be restarted…..

  • Darwin

    How to reboot? does it mean “restart”? pls reply ’cause i dont know much about this stuff.

  • Darwin

    Can this work also to Windows 8.1? are these the same?

  • Anand Khanse

    Yes, it should.

  • Anand Khanse


  • Coolio

    Does anyone have a fix for this problem running Windows 7 pls?

  • Ian

    Many thanks for this info – to the point and without wordy explanations etc – worked first time!

  • alvin_kane

    We just had the same error on a physical box. It was on a Dell PowerEdge R710, running Windows 2008 R2 Standard. and same with win 7 pro The following is how I fixed it:

    1.) Login to the machine with the local administrator account.

    2.) Delete the profile for the user that’s having the problem, i.e. C:UsersUser01

    3.) Run Regedit, and remove the profile from HKLM>Software>Microsoft>Windows NT>CurrentVersion>Profile List>(SID) (you can right click on Profile List and do a search for the user name, i.e. User01.

    4.) Once found, delete the entire KEY for the user.

    5.) Double check to ensure it’s removed from System Properties>Advanced System Settings>Advanced TAB>User Profiles (Settings…) button> If you see the user in there, delete it too.

    6.) Logoff as Local Admin and reboot. (Reboot not 100% necessary, but I usually do just in case)

    7.) Login with domain username and you should be all set

  • Whats in a name

    Had same problem on WIN 8.1, using admin account. Was unable to login to Skype, Store, etc… Followed the steps and worked like a charm…. Thanks mate…

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad we could help :)

  • Abdulghani

    Had same problem on WIN 8.1, Followed the steps and worked like a charm…. Thanks mate.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad it helped! :)

  • Aly

    ColnitializeSecurityParam – the font makes you think that might be an L – but it is a capital i (eye) fi

  • Aly

    oh and thanks btw!!! :-)

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad it worked! :)

  • D.A. Elliott

    I know this is a year old, but ran into this problem tonight. THANK YOU!! Solution worked perfectly and now I can get back to work.

  • Ol’greySurfDude

    That worked! I have no idea what I/we did, but, thanks (windows 8.1)

  • Mike Ross

    That worked great to get the GPSvc to load however the initial problem still exists. The GPSvc service is locked and cannot be changed/started/stopped from the services modual. Any clue as to why all options would be greyed?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Make sure you’re logged in as admin.

  • tubes

    What if you only have one account?????

  • tubes

    I only have 1 account/profile so can’t log in to anything.. is there a way to just restore win8 to factory defaults? I see no F commands on startup at all… not safe mode or bios or anything..

  • tubes

    I wish someone would reply to this sooo bad!

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ In that case, you need to open regedit at boot. Open Command Prompt at boot and type regedit, now you can tweak as suggested in the article :)

  • irvin mulia elantara

    thanks a lot I’m just 13 years old but I did what you said and it works

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad we could help :)

  • Akhil Krishna

    GPsvc key is missing

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Add it manually :)

  • Arjun Reddy

    Best solution!
    If you have only one account and unable to open Regisrty Editor, try follow Steps(Win 7).
    1. Open Recovery Options by pressing f8 while booting.
    2. Choose Command Prompt.
    3. Type regedit and enter.

  • Ali

    thank you so much it was really helpful for me at the right time.

  • sri ram

    thank u so much bro

  • sri ram

    everything started working now onedrive also started syncing

  • Emmy

    Thanks guy, you have saved me a lot of stress. But the data value was not exactly the same but it work for me. Great guy, cheers.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad it helped!

  • roy

    Thanks Dude it worked for me

  • Matt

    Use a Windows DVD and choose repair. You can open the registry from there.

  • Guest
  • Chris Constance
  • Kapil Arya
  • Andi Doank

    It’s Work. Thanks A lot

  • Kapil Kapur

    HI, I am not able to log in with safe mode or any other mode, it takes me to the error every time i try logging in please support

  • Seth

    I followed the steps listed and I continue to receive the same error message, albeit sporadically. Any other advise?

  • Razer Gam

    Why is taking so long to restart?

  • Abdullah Eri?ik

    Hello all..
    I had the same error that group policy failed etc. Then I started my computer in safe mod and create a new admin user..Now it is working with the new user without problem..but the problem is I need to log on my old account for some website bookmarks and passwords etc. I tried this method and then restart the computer and tried to log on with old account and again I got the same error…any idea about the problem or what can I do about it ?

  • Worried Windwos 8 user


    Yesterday I worked step by step to resolve the Group client service issue & it worked great. Thanks for that but now I’m getting: ‘Failed to connect to a windows service’ message on the status bar on my admin profile & once again I’m unable to login as a standard user. Please help this is really frustrating, I’m hating Windows 8, never had any such issues wihile using Windows 7.

  • Worried Windows 8 user

    In continuation to my earlier comment I also want to ask is it harmful in any way to make changes in registry?

  • Clay

    It worked! Thank you so much!

  • labradrog13

    Hi I try this solution in my issue but sad to say doesn’t work on me.

    This is the difference between your error message.
    My message error “The Group Policy service failed the sign-in. Access is denied.”

    My pc is under domain.
    I don’t have admin access on domain controller.


  • labradrog13

    This is your Error Message “The Group Policy Client Service Failed The Logon”
    This is my Error Message “The Group Policy service Failed sign-in”

    What is the difference?


  • J

    You nailed it thanks so much!!!

  • Edala Naveen Chowdary

    God, I’ll remember ur help for life!

  • YogaBarrathwajRM

    All this is fine, but I have only one user account and it shows me this problem. What should I do?

  • DrMegalo

    Excellent, worked perfectly, thank you!!!

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad we could help :)

  • Debra Reed

    Are there any other suggestions? This is the only solution I find on other websites too, but the keys are intact and the problem recurs frequently.

  • CLao

    Very good solution, it works.

  • Sheila

    I have a laptop that does not have a DVD/CD ROM drive. My daughter’s login is what I’m having trouble with. How do I fix this for a secondary login?

  • Brian Burleigh

    Create a bootable USB from a Windows ISO. Google is your friend here.

  • Ikemba Uche

    Hello Kapil..
    I started having this error few days ago. My Laptop runs Windows 8.1. My question is, why should I have to activate a Group Policy on my Laptop since I am the only user? Does it mean that an unauthorized user is trying to logon to my system? I need to know before I can even attempt to fixing this. My computer is for private personal use only.

  • Mariuccias

    I wish this had an answer. This is my issue too. All the registry entries are present and correct. It is still happening. Help???

  • rjrich

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  • Lars

    This recipe should come with dire warnings about how you could lose all the user’s files and settings.

  • John Martyn

    Sorry lost me at Came to the right pane of this so created sub key GPSvcGroup

  • Grammymidge

    Thank you so much for your recommendation. The registry edit perfectly fixed my issue with my computer. I’m glad I found your recommendation prior to attempting what Microsoft support was directing me to do.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad we could help :)

  • Grammymidge

    Again thanks for your help. I’ve been thinking about the problem and curious as to why this is just now starting after having the computer nearly a year without it. Why wouldn’t the fix already be in the registry?

  • Grammymidge

    Today the issue returned. Since I put the registry fix in 2 days ago and it appeared to work why would I now start getting the error again?

  • khubi

    This service is managed by System. You can not change the parameters of this service.

  • Tamires Costa

    I’m in Windows 8.1 and at first didn’t work. So in the step 4 I’ve changed the value data for “gpsvc” not “GPSvc”, reboot and it seems to work. It can be a solution for some. Hope it works permanently! Anyway, thanks so much for support!

  • Brandi Page

    This actually works. I was the administrator user and my daughter was the standard user (child). One day she couldn’t log on to her account, but I could log into mines. So I Google about it and I found this website. Direction #3 was a bit complicated, but I managed to skim through it smoothly and actually works without the help of a professional or calling the manufacturer. Thank you Jesus.

  • Lorna Reid

    This didn’t work for me, same issue still occurring.

  • nadir yaqoob

    I am using window 8.1. am facing this problem..i used the instructions of you but error is still occured.tell me the solution of it plz

  • Muhammad Rizwan

    it didn’t work

  • Muhammad Rizwan

    i hv same prblm..

  • Vereda

    I founded that all the steps were already made. I guess it happened when I created a new user as the Administrator and delected the old one. But all of that didn’t work for me. So, the problem remains in my Windows 7 64-bit Professional. I have a restoring system backup in a pendrive, but I can’t boot from it. Could you help me?

  • Pedalling Pete

    This is happening with Windows 10. What’s the fix there? Apart from refusing the update!

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ The same fix is applicable to Windows 10 as well, do try it!

  • Pedalling Pete

    Thanks for reply. Will set aside some time to try. In meantime other User will have to use laptop; and hope the same issue does not occur!

  • Pedalling Pete

    After the latest updates for Windows 10 the issue resolved itself without any intervention by me. Hope it stays stable in future. Assume others suffered same issue and Microsoft delivered fix.

  • Jade

    After a recent Windows 10 update, I started getting a notification telling me that Group Policy Client was not working. I had no idea what that was (still don’t really) and only use my admin account, so I continued using my computer as normal without any issues. That is, until I tried to shut it down.

    It was taking 15 or so minutes to power down as opposed to its usual 2-3. I didn’t know if fixing this would help with the slow shutdown, but I figured it was worth trying and, after closely following your steps and restarting my computer 3 times (just to make sure it was really fixed), it’s working just as it did before the update.

    Thank you SO MUCH! 😀 Now if only I can find a solution for the syncing mail & calendar ap issues that came with the Windows 10 update too…

  • it

    Thanks ! Works perfect on Windows 10 Pro

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad we could help! Thanks for feedback :)

  • docwatcher

    Worked great for me on Windows 10. I have 3 accounts on the computer. The one that does not have Admin privileges could not log in due to this problem. Logging in as admin and following these well-written instructions saved the day! Thanks!!

  • Caroline Kiki

    Excuse the ignorance but I am trying to type the value data for the two DWords but I cannot get my head around it still…help please :)

  • Caroline Kiki

    Thank you so much! Very helpful 😀

  • Gary Anderson

    Dude, it worked! Great job! I never would have figured that one out!

  • Anthony

    I just came across the same problem. Any solution for anyone who’s already done this once before but got another error a few months later?

  • rupe

    Excellent , its connecting to group client policy. Thanks for your post.

  • rupe

    It worked for two days , started having same problem again. please let me know what else I can do ? thanks

  • Sarah Turner

    Thanks – worked first time and all the files, folders, pics, favourites etc on all accounts – admin and users still present and correct. Detailed and comprehensive fix that works. (Acer Aspire laptop – Windows 8.1)

  • Adrian Duncan

    Hi I have the same issue. I tried the fix above and found that it went from every start-up to about once a week (or say 1 in 10 start ups). It also coincides with my laptop not being able to access the internet using google chrome. I can with internet explorer though. I also don’t see the little WiFi symbol bottom right of screen. It is intermittent and usually a restart sorts it out (and my WiFi symbol returns and I can use chrome). I am not overly tech savy. Ohh and I’m running windows 10. It does seem strange that this has been an ongoing issue through many versions of windows. Why has Microsoft not addressed this?

  • Mark Osborne

    I have the same problem on windows 10. The image path is different “%systemroot%system32svchost.exe – k netsvcs (not k GPSvcGroup). Do I need to do someting different? On
    checking my sons computer his image path is the same . Within the …CurrentVersionSvcHost area there is
    a “netsvcs” folder with similar files (Authentication.. &
    Colnitialize… ) as described in your article/video. He does not have a “GPSvcGroup”
    folder. However I have the same files as his but only I have the
    problem. Can you advise ?

  • chandan kumar

    thanku brother… thanku very much… I had this problem in my newly updated windows 10 on sony vaio e series. I was soo worried but the step u tell us to follow.. it really works.. thanks again.

  • Daisyree- Jean L. Baylen

    hi..please help me.. i followed the video fixing about Group Policy Client Service in the registry editor but still when i checked in the services.msc, the Group Policy Client is not running.. What should
    I do?

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