EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free lets you recover lost or deleted data

While there are dozens of data recovery tools that can help you recover data, most of them are only able to recover deleted files. These free software may prove to be of little use when it comes to recovering data due to partition loss, system crash. Fortunately, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free will let you recover all sorts of lost or deleted files & data from your Windows PC.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free makes the task of recovering deleted data, a breeze. The interface of the program is quite user-friendly and the recovered files are displayed in a typical Explorer format. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard can typically recover files from:

  1. An existing partition
  2. Deleted data from a deleted partition
  3. Deleted data from a corrupted partition
  4. Deleted data from a partition that had been deleted, then overwritten with another.

The last two scenarios require a user to choose Complete Recovery which does the sector scanning.

How to use EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free to recover data

As mentioned earlier, the tool is quite easy to use. When you download the program and install it, a wizard interface will walk you through the complete process of data recovery.

When you first launch EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard, you will notice the file type select page. The most common file formats are classified into 6 different categories on this page:

  1. Graphic
  2. Audio
  3. Document
  4. Video
  5. Email
  6. Other

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free

All the categories are checked by default. Selecting a specific type of the file you want to retrieve will help accelerate the scan speed.

The ‘Next’ step involves in selecting a location to start finding data. Here, kindly choose a location (Desktop, Windows Libraries, Hard Disk Drives, Lost Hard Disk Drives) to start finding the data. This becomes an essential step, when the data loss is caused by deleting a partition, losing a partition or re-partition. The EaseUs tool has been designed specifically to read the partition table and list all the deleted partition info under it.


Once done, it’s time to scan your computer or drive. In the upper corner of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free screen, you can find a process bar displaying the status of the recovery. Adjacent to it, reside the Stop and Pause button. The Pause button allows you to temporarily pause the scan. You can resume it later. The process bar displays the estimated remaining time for the scan to be completed in percentage value.


The scan is quick and once it is completed, the tool will list all the files that were simply deleted or wiped out completely from the recycle bin. A pop-up window will remind you to use Deep Scan for a further recovery after you have successfully run the first scan and have its result with you. however, it is advisable to use/run Deep Scan under the following 2 situations:

It is advisable to run Deep Scan under the following 2 situations:

1. You cannot find the files you need from the first scan.
2. The recovered files cannot be correctly opened.

By choosing to run Deep Scan, you’ll make the program perform a new sector by sector scan, which can take unusually long. Please be patient and bear with the action. Do not interrupt the scan in the middle of the process if not necessary.


When done, preview and recover the files. Here, you will observe the scan result interface is divided into 3 parts. Towards the left is the Directory Tree list, which offers you 3 methods to recover deleted files via,

  • Path
  • Types
  • Time

The above options help you quickly filter the files. The window occupying the space in the middle portion displays all the files and folders under the folder selected in the left window with additional information (date and type). The window towards extreme right side displays a thumbnail and info for the file selected in the middle window. It also offers a Preview option to preview some specific file types in the program.

Once the operation of preview or search is completed, you can select the targeted files and press Recover button to recover and save them on your computer or storage device. At this point, make sure you save all the recovered files on another disk to avoid data overwriting.


If required, you can even export the scan results by clicking Export Scan Status. Likewise, you can Import the scan results to perform another recovery without scanning again at any time by clicking Import Scan Status.


EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free is a useful tool to recover data from lost or deleted partitions or recover your files after partitioning or crashed hard drives. The free version can recover only up to 1GB data and works well with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS/NTFS5 and EXT2/EXT3 file system.

You can download EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free from its home page. You may want to also read our EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro review.

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