Disable Laptop Touchpad in Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Does it drive you crazy when you are typing something on your laptop and the cursor changes its position, most importantly breaking your concentration? Well, this occurs when you are in the full flow of typing on the keyboard and you accidentally brush your palm or fingers across the touchpad, which causes the cursor to stray. This was bothering me for a long time, until recently when I decided to get rid of this issue which was hampering my productivity.

Disable Laptop Touchpad

Windows 7 / 8  by default, automatically detects your touchpad and for disabling your touchpad completely, you will need a 3rd party software. Most major and renowned laptop manufacturers like Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Acer, HP, etc get the touchpads for laptops from a 3rd-party OEM provider. These providers have some official drivers on their website that you can use for disabling your touchpad in Windows 7. These drivers are available here at Touchpad drivers for Windows.

There is also a list of supported Operating Systems at the above mentioned link. You make your selection and then download.

OK – when I’m working, instead of using the touchpad, I prefer a mouse with my laptop, so it’s nearly of no use to me, especially when I’m typing. Therefore, it is best to disable the touchpad of your laptop. Here are a few ways how you can disable laptop touchpad in Windows:

1. Disable Laptop Touchpad via Control Panel

This option is applicable to users not using the touchpad at all, as this way they can disable it once and for all. For users who are just looking to disable it while typing, can use the freeware discussed below.

Go to Mouse Properties via Control Panel. 

Disable laptop touchpad

As seen in the screen shot, there is an option of Touchpad, from where you can simply turn off the touchpad and Save.


If you do not see this option in the Mouse Properties menu, it could only mean that you do not have the touchpad driver installed on your laptop.

At first, I did not see it either and downloaded the Synaptics Touchpad Driver (I’m using Dell Inspiron 15), which totally solved my purpose. After installing the driver, I could access the option of disabling the touchpad from the tray icon and also through the shortcut from my keyboard – Fn + F3 (which was not working until I installed the driver). Therefore, I would suggest you to visit your respective vendor’s website and download the touchpad driver for a permanent solution.

2. Disable Laptop Touchpad via Device Manager

In case you do not find the driver, there is yet another option to disable your touchpad is through the Device Manager, but FYI, it only gives you the option to uninstall the driver, so make sure you keep a backup first and then go for it.

devicemanager3. Disable Laptop Touchpad via Freeware

This solution is applicable to those of you, who do not use a mouse and just need a temporary solution to disable the touchpad only while typing.

Touchpad Pal: It is a useful tool for Windows users. Touchpad Pal will detect any keyboard activity and immediately disable the touchpad.


Go get Touchpad here.

TouchFreeze: It is a simple tool which will automatically disable your laptop’s touchpad as soon as you start typing.

You can download TouchFreeze here.

I hope the suggestions are useful. Do share your feedback with us.

See this if you cursor jumps or moves randomly while typing.

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  • thuya199

    touchpad pal is not also compatible with windows 8. Pls suggest for windows 8 .

  • http://about.me/supreethatia Supreet Bhatia

    You can go for TouchFreeze in that case.

  • xndrdgr8

    My Adesso keyboard have a touch pad that I want to disable. I have a desk top and windows 7 any advice?

  • Jon

    TouchFreeze would be perfect except it also freezes my third party mouse. I want to use this for videogames so while using the keyboard to move around, I dont want my hand hitting the “fire” button on my touchpad.

  • Random

    My computer is broken. It won’t start up because it says it needs a driver.

  • Norm Harding

    Yaaaah, none of this works for Windows 8 from what I’ve seen. The Asus I have does not have anything to do this with and the area in the Device Manager for the touchpad disabling is grayed out. I had a talk about this with a friend of mine who is an IT tech, as am I, and he had to open the laptop up and physically pull the connection out. Win8 hates people configuring their own devices.

  • Norm Harding

    I am skiddish about most 3rd party app personally.

  • Norm Harding

    With 7, Device Manager should do well. If you go into that and find the touchpad device in the list, right click and choose Properties and do as shown above. My Toshiba has Win7 and it also has Toshiba’s own app for the touchpad. In that app I can set it up to automatically disable the pad when I plug a USB mouse.

  • Norm Harding

    Well, unless you know which driver, you are probably looking for a new PC then. I hate to say it and totally feel for you, but if it wont start up…of coarse, I do not know what all was done to try to get it to work. I have used a few tricks as an IT Tech, but there is no guarantee when I try them out.

  • J

    THANK YOU SO MUCH Supreet! your links were up to date and I was able to download TouchFreeze which finally stoppped this mouse not only from moving all over the place but also from deleting in a fraction of a second, full paragraphs of what I had typed before! Take care! JJ

  • Ed Di Giambattista

    do you really think that I would be here if that advice worked. I go to control panel; Mouse; Touchpad: and it will not hold any of the settings that don’t work anyway.

  • dillinger

    u r gorgeous

  • Gabriel Swanson

    Windows 10 (APPARANTLY) has NO way on this damn earth, to Disable it- I’m just willing to completely uninstall it, and frankly I have 23 mouses, wired and wireless- on hand- at all times…. Always, I legit have 23- On hand- As of now- So I will never not have a mouse handy… — I really hope that get this fixed pretty soon…I mean- I’m about to loose my shit I have never used my touchpad.

  • Gabriel Swanson

    Yeah, I’m just gonna go threw and figure out how to UNINSTALL mine- I never use it, and it’s just a thorn on my thumb. — I’m on Windows 10 btw 😛

  • Eon Wood

    I think the best and easiest way is to find a plastic thin sheet covering the touchpad — those software does NO FUNCTION to my lifebook win8 that I got it in year 2015 — cover it (can’t find software or uninstall driver, try it all) cover touchpad < I meant, avoid all the hassale

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