Enable, configure & use Precision Touchpad settings in Windows 10

Modern computing has definitely shifted from using a mouse to touch-based devices like touchscreens and touchpads. Windows 8.1 welcomed something called ‘Precision Touchpad’ which is nothing but a fancy name for better touchpads. Precision Touchpads are better in all kinds of performance. They are more accurate and support a lot more gestures than your normal everyday touchpads.

If you have recently purchased a laptop, most likely it should have a Precision Touchpad. Windows 10 offers great customizability and it comes with all new gestures that are supported by Precision Touchpads.

Precision Touchpad settings in Windows 10

This post aims to discuss the features offered by these touchpads and how to configure relevant gestures. To get started, first you need to check whether your device has a Precision Touchpad or not. Go to Settings and then into Devices, now select Touchpad from the left menu.

Now just below the main ‘Touchpad’ heading, you will find a line saying, ‘Your PC has a precision touchpad.

If you do not find this line, then probably your PC does not come with a precision touchpad or you do not have the proper drivers installed. Check your manufacturer’s website for latest drivers. You can also try replacing the default drivers with some other drivers that support these features but please carry it out at your own risk and proper precaution.

If you do not have the Precision Touchpad, you might not be able to use certain features discussed in this post.

With Precision Touchpads, there are the following gestures available which are discussed in detail as follows:


Precision Touchpad settings in Windows 10

This section enables gestures like ‘Tap with two fingers to right-click’, ‘Tap twice and drag for multi-select’ and ‘Press the lower right corner of the touchpad to right-click’. You can control the touchpad tapping sensitivity and enable/disable all these gestures in this section.

Scroll and Pinch to Zoom

This section is most helpful and important as some users consider it difficult to scroll using a touchpad. Under this section, you can enable ‘Drag two fingers to scroll’ which is a much-needed feature. Moreover, you can invert the scrolling direction with respect to the above gesture. And finally, you can enable ‘Pinch to Zoom’ under this section. ‘Pinch to Zoom’ lets you use a familiar touchscreen based gesture on the touchpad.

Three-finger and Four-finger gestures

These are probably the best gestures that you can take advantage of. These gestures include swipes and taps. Both Swipes and Taps have a predefined domain from which you can choose the desired action. Either you can use them for multitasking or for controlling audio and volume of your device. I prefer using Three-finger gestures for multitasking and Four-finger gestures for media control. These gestures can also be disabled completely.

Precision Touchpad settings in Windows 10

Similarly, for taps, you can assign an action for a list of available actions. You can ‘Search with Cortana’, mimic ‘Middle Mouse Button’, ‘Play/Pause’ content, open ‘Action Center’ or just set it to do nothing. I’ve been using three-finger tap to mimic middle mouse button and four-finger gesture to play/pause videos and other content.

These are the Precision Touchpad Gestures Settings in Windows 10. We expect more customizability in future with more types of actions available. Surely, these gestures improve overall user experience and make it simpler to perform some actions. But remember that Precision Touchpads have been introduced recently so there might be a possibility that your device does not come with one.

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