How to delete or close email account permanently

Microsoft’s latest web mail service, comes with all the goods such as huge amount of storage space, better editing features, immersive interface and of course support for social networking sites.

All these features and many more make the webmail service first choice of the users. But for some reason, if you wish to close or delete your Outlook mail account permanently, this is how you can do it.

It is essential to change all the email addresses to the alternate ones before deleting your account, if you have been using the same Outlook address for any some other services.

Delete or Close account

1. Sign into your Outlook account and click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

2. From the options available, choose ‘More mail settings’. You will be presented with the following options:

  • Managing your account
  • Writing email
  • Preventing junk email
  • Customizing Outlook

3. From the above, select ‘Managing your account’. Immediately you will be directed to a new page displaying your ‘Account Summary’ and ‘Password and Security info’.

4. Just scroll-down the page. There you will find the ‘Close account’option. Click on the option.

5. Now, before you close your account permanently, Outlook will request you to check ‘privacy and cookies’ statement. In addition to this, it will provide you information on – what happens to your info if you choose to close your account.

6. Then finally it will ask you to verify your account to close it down.

7. In the end, you will be asked to deactivate your Hotmail account. Once you do it your account will be closed.

Microsoft reserves your email address even after you have closed your account for a period of 270 days. Within this period if you would like to reactivate your account, you could easily do so.

Learn how to delete your Microsoft Account permanently.

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The author Hemant Saxena is a post-graduate in bio-technology and has an immense interest in following Windows, Office and other technology developments. Quiet by nature, he is an avid Lacrosse player. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software, and being careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware is recommended.
  • grey Drifter

    Thanks. Opened an account when it was released but since it doesn’t work with Opera I do not have much use for it. If using IE it works well and will probably integrate well into Win8.

  • Sidneybear

    Since losing my Hotmail account and being stuck with Outlook has been a nightmare. Emails not arriving, Outlook loading a blank screen or taking up to 5 minutes to load at all. Attachments no longer working and emails not being sent or taking hours more to arrive at destination. All problems that didn’t happen with Hotmail. I have tried all the advice about optimising browsers etc and it made no difference. Yahoo Mail and Gmail both work perfectly and promptly, so Outlook is no longer required!

  • sreekanth

    billing page was opening while closing account

  • Paul

    I cant close my Account ? You need to Cancel any paid services or Microsoft Points account associated with your Microsoft account.

    I don’t have anything connected ? It’s a new account… how the hell do i close it ? The Cancel is a Hyperlink, when i clock on it, it takes me to

    But… i cant do anything there !

  • Dib

    Have you found a solution to this ? I’m having the same issue.

  • innoxent sxmile

    very Helpfull :)

  • Hemant Saxena

    Visit this page and see if it helps. Many have complained the same problem.

  • rani

    I followed every steps that mention above but How do I deactivate my hotmail account?

  • altadim17

    The only reason why I wanted to deactivate my account is I find it annoying that each time I open the local account it requires a password. It used to be not.

  • Kate

    I can’t do anything either. A crazy ex has hacked into this account, AGAIN, and I can’t get a hold of Microsoft to close the account. Despite the fact the automated message said I would receive a response within 24 hours. NOTHING. I have updated the ticket twice now and all I want is for this to be shut down permanently. MICROSOFT IS OF NO HELP SO FAR.

  • lara

    i dont like account i delete my account

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  • kenz

    I had someone back my account too. Which is why I am shutting it down. Haven’t tried yet. Hopefully it works

  • kenz

    I meant hack

  • julie Wilkins

    I just made three attempts to close my account using first the live chat, so called, then I had to call the tech number to hopefully get live help to close the outlook account. what did they do? Reconnected me to a chat room again which basically told me to find someone locally to fix the problem. I then called the number again and she attempted to reconnect me again to the live chat that hung up on me. These jerks are beyond incompetent. Biggest mistake ever, having this account opened. Ever since I opened it, I can’t access my other email account or Facebook. I STRONGLY advise anyone thinking about an account here, don’t do it.

  • arle

    I don’t have a “more mail settings” button to go and close my account. The options I have are “manage rules”, “manage categories” and “options”. And when I select the options button it takes me to a “managing your account” page but yet there is no “close account” button anywhere! So can anyone please help me to close this stupid account for good!!! I’m frustrated!

  • aggrivated & pissed off

    Exactly , i get the same thing . The info in this message is for before hotmail became outlook and everything thats involved with windows live all merged together. It was easy back a year ago, but they have tied it up so tight and wont tell you a damned thing . Its all a big run around. If you have a pay acct, you are really screwed, you cant close it for love nor money. Its designed to frustrate you & keep you as a customer. I have looked & tried for several weeks and as I said your screwed. It looks like it will be a court battle in the end they keep billing me & I dont even have a subscription , lol. Its a free acct i have, lol. Just more crap to suck you in , I have kept a documented record of it all axctions and conversations & phone run arounds in case waiting them out doesnt work. In the long run, i have no more answers for you than a fart in a whirl wind & thats no more useful than all the posted info on here you will find on ur searches. As i said earlier, all the info by individuals is relating to your hotmail acct before the outlook crap. Sorry. You can respond to the hotmail acct if you figure it out , id love to know myself, since they wont close it lol.

  • magaly

    mine doesnt say more mail settings i want to know why?

  • YoshiH

    Does this work for a hacked account we want to terminate in order to install a new Office pack (legal) ?

  • DjDATZ

    Just a heads up, this post seems to no longer be accurate.

  • Senthamarai Natesan

    I strongly believe that Microsoft is one of the big giant in the software production. They will not leave such a small thing unnoticed. The above post may be old and may be applicable for the earlier version of outlook mail. Follow this procedure for closing the current outlook account :- Open the mail account, click on user ID photo, click on account settings and then on coming next window click on Security & privacy under “Account Security”. Click on “Manage Advanced Security”, complete the process of verification. One new window appears.
    Under “Tired of Waiting for Security Codes”, click on ‘Set it up later’. Go to “Protect your account”. Then go to last option “Close your Account”. Click on “Close my Account” and sign out.This process completes the closing of outlook account. This will defenitely help you all. I am sure it is 100%. O.K? (on 04.11.2014 I closed my account).

  • sowmya

    Thank You Very Mach Madam It’s Really Helpfull

  • I respect such post

    Superb !!!
    Thank you mam this one works to the core.

  • nasr paikar

    how did u delete your account. I’m trying to do the same but can’t find accurate instructions on how to do so.

  • Cttnwood

    Thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU!!!! :)

  • marc tosh

    i have a chromebook so i dont need one anyway. i had hotmail but that changed to outlook

  • asfd

    This doesnt even match the website. update your shit if you want to be ehlpful on the internet

  • Ali

    Go away you ungrateful fk. You could have said the same thing politely.

  • Senthamarai Natesan

    My friend, after closing the account as described in my posting you will have to wait minimum 60 days to effect the account closure which you should be aware. Bye!

  • fuoutlook

    outlook sends all my mail to the hotmaildomain no matter what the address is that itis being sent to example joe blow @ becomes and for obvious reasons this comes back as undeliverable. this makes the outlook email program unusable, you can receive but effectively can not send. Contacted windows help about and as usuall they were absolutely useless. So i figured ok delete the damn thing but as you can see above that would make everything else unusable, first the create and issue then lock you in and force you to keep the program which is causing the grief, typical Microsoft

  • cptquirk

    Senthamarai, thank you so much for your very accurate help.

  • Done It

    Great worked a treat 11 March 2015

  • Rufusred

    My friend lost her access to her email account when she moved to the US from Australia 15 days ago. Microsoft Accounts Specialist can’t help her get back into her Hotmail until she passes their security validation process. CAN SHE DELETE HER NEW account we created last week using your instructions without this action affecting anything in her Hotmail account since she is hoping to get back into her Hotmail account. She got a email account with her Frontier internet service and thinks frontier email is easier to use than outlook.

  • Anto Heeney

    For some reason, the instructions don’t work so therefore you can delete it physically and logically from the server and the hard drive. My username is I assume your network admin has my password. I want my phone number deleted too. any info you have on me i want permanently wiped as if i didn’t exist.

    An ex-professional real computer programmer.

  • Anto Heeney

    Hi, what you didn’t tell him the info is not physically removed. Oh yeah, they will logically remove it (recycle bin) but it is still there on the hard drive and there are tools to access this.

    Keith ‘computer programming is not challenging enough’ heeney

  • abanana

    I’ve just about had it with Outlook. Couldn’t log in, had a code texted, entered it, still can’t log in. A newly created password doesn’t work at login!!! Regroup, repeat, same old same old. Back to square one. I am so pissed!!!!!!!!!!!! Will close outlook for good.

  • KevinFitzz

    All I have is directed to the Outlook account but the thing is always broken. I have Yahoo and AOL if I need but THEY changed my default email and I have never liked Outlook.

  • shakur

    thank you!!

  • Laura

    I have done everything it says to do and the screens look nothing like what is being shown doesn’t even have a more mail options

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