How to deactivate or delete Gmail account permanently

If you created a Gmail account and now for some reason, you want to delete Gmail account permanently or temporarily, here are the steps that you need to follow. Although this is quite difficult to delete a Gmail account permanently without the password, you can remove it quickly if you have the correct password.

Things you need to know before you delete your Gmail ID:

  • Gmail account and Google account are not the same. Hence, you can keep using other Google services without Gmail account.
  • If you use this account to recover another Gmail or Outlook account, you should change it.
  • If you use this email ID with s bank account or you have created accounts on various third-party sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. you should change it before deleting the ID.
  • All your conversations, i.e., email messages will be gone unless you create a backup with Google Takeout.
  • Your Google Play purchases or search history will not be deleted.

Delete Gmail account

To get started, sign into your Gmail account, click on the profile picture visible on the top-right corner and select My Account. Alternatively, you can open this page directly.

Now you have to click on Delete your account or services under Account preferences.

Delete Gmail account

On the next page, you need to click on Delete products option.

After entering your password, you will find all the active products in your Gmail account.

If you have already created a backup, click on the trashcan icon visible next to Gmail. Otherwise, click on DOWNLOAD DATA button and download all the backup and then click on the trashcan icon.

This is when you need to enter another email address to keep using other Google services. It should not be a Gmail ID.

If you click on the confirmation email received in your secondary email account, you will be greeted with a window like this-

Now, you need to choose Yes, I want to delete [email id] permanently from my Google Account and click on DELETE GMAIL button.

After that, if you try to open Gmail, you will see a window like this-

This will help you recover your Gmail account. You have, I think, 2 to 3 weeks to do that.

If you don’t want to do that, you can always use other services such as Google Drive and all with the secondary email address.

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