Appy Text is a Notepad app for Windows 10 available in the Windows Store

Appy Text is a Notepad alternative UWP app that includes a decent set of features, all packed into a single interface. Text editors have a set of features that is different from traditional word processing program. For example, text editors do not add formatting codes. This makes it easier to compile your code and one of the reasons why software programmers and web developers use text editors to write and edit in programming and markup languages. That said, there are many choices than ever. Try Appy Text as a Notepad replacement on your Windows 10 PC.

Appy Text for Windows 10

Appy Text is a new Windows Store app from the developers of the popular Appy Weather that is available for Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones. It acts as a modern replacement for Windows 10 Notepad in the form of a UWP app. The tool is simple in look with an uncluttered interface and decent set of features.

Appy Text for Windows 10

It sports no formatting tools like the ones you find in the Microsoft Word, and so you cannot attach anything to this. It simply lets you create plain text files.

When you launch Appy Text, the first thing visible on your device screen is the minimalistic visual design of the application. It features no-nonsense additions that distract you from your work.

It allows you to work with multiple documents simultaneously. Each of them gets displayed in a separate tab. Once you have made additions or changes to the original files, Appy Text saves them all, automatically. You need not try saving them individually, once you have made final changes.

The app offers support for Markdown. You can use the syntax to write documents for the web and an HTML preview of it can be generated with a single hotkey if required.


One feature, I find missing in most of the text editors available today is a simple word counting support. Appy Text addresses my concern. Besides, it lets you configure the number of characters per line in an attempt to improve readability.

Finally, there’s support for different themes since too much of bright white background can put a strain on your eyes. Especially during night time. You can choose between different themes including sepia, gray and black.

In all, Appy Text comes across as a simple yet valid alternative to Windows 10 default application – Notepad. to use.


  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use


  • Support only .txt files
  • 23 MB size

You can download it from the Windows Store.

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